Sunday, May 25, 2008

Getting in touch with her creative side

We played with some finger paints a couple weeks ago. It was her first piece of art. I had fun playing with her, just smearing it all over the paper, back and forth.. Seriously, whats not to like about finger paint! Of course she got it all over herself, especially her butt and feet! The smock helped some but not much. Surprisingly, she did not try to eat it. Next we're going to tackle the magic of markers.

The last couple of weeks

Let's see, over the last couple of weeks we've been swimming once. She also stopped crawling, finally! The day David came back from DC she started doing laps around the kitchen table with him. She looks so cute walking! She also had her 12 month visit and shots. She's just over 17 1/2 pounds, which is pretty small on the doctor's scale but they are not overly concerned. He did recommend I start fattening up her food, which is surprisingly hard when David and I are trying to eat to healthy!

Trying.......SIgurta Gardens

Well this is part of my attempt to get back to my life. I've been absent for the last couple of weeks as I try and make sense of everything that has happened. Anywho, Friday Michelle, David and I went to Sigurta Gardens in Verona. We took our bikes and a picnic lunch, and after eating on the softest grass ever, we took off. It was gorgeous. The gardens had over 7 kilometers of trail that went up, down and around. There were castles on the grounds, as well as many water gardens. They also had the largest herb garden I've ever seen! It was so pretty, and the weather was gorgeous. Hannah got to see cow, koi, frogs, water lillies, and lots of Italian school kids.