Thursday, May 16, 2013

Girls getaway

About a month ago, Michelle and I headed down to Myrtle Beach in an early celebration of Vivian's birthday.  We headed out Thursday afternoon, after picking up Vivian from school. We got in to town a little early, so we made a stop at an outlet mall in the area. This way the kids could run around for a bit. They were a little wound up and excited during the car ride. 

Here's Riley, never one to be left out. 

I like Vivian's pose here. 

I learned something during this stop. Ya know those musical car rides outside all kids of shopping areas?  Well I discovered that you don't even need to put money in them for kids to have fun with them. 

Riley and Logan in the space shuttle. 

Vivian and Hannah in the muscle car. 

Excitement over being at the hotel. 

Riley had to nap after we got there, so Michelle took all the kids down to the water. It wasn't exactly hot, but none of us needed it to be hot to enjoy our time at with the ocean. 

This was one of the indoor swimming areas that the pool had. 

We went shopping at another outlet mall on Friday. I picked up a hat for Riley, which she's modeling here. 

Friday night, Michelle went out with Vivian for some one on one time and when she got back, I went down with Hannah for some one on one time. It was nice. Hannah and I hung out in the hot tub the whole time. 

Our beach goodbye. 

There goes Riley. 

It was great to have my own time with Michelle. We don't have that time as much as I'd like. It's hard. But it's so nice she. We can make it happen. 

Our first 5/5

I can't believe that I have forgotten to post this blog!  I realized this past weekend, while we were visiting with Grandpa Bob, that I hadn't posted about our first 5/5 geocache!  

A group of us: Ryan and Rebecca, Ashley, Ty, Logan and Iris, and the Cernock Clan all went out to look for this one that David started out on New Years Eve with Josh and Jared.  We had five coordinate points, and at each point we had to find a number.  

With those five numbers, we could get in to the lock box, which hopefully held the log book and prize.  

Our journey took us all over the woods, in some burned out buildings, along a river.  

We managed to get all the points, in just under 4 hours.  

The locked box, sat on top of this old concrete pillar.  Ryan just happened to have a grappling hook, which was necessary in our quest.  

While we were waiting, we sat on the opposite concrete pillar, watching the progress.  

Since it was Ryan's grappling hook, it only seemed fair to let him use it.  Although David was a little disappointed.  

So what was in the locked box?  Another set of coordinates!  The adventure took us right at 5 hours.  But it was a great way to spend a day, hunting through the woods with a big group of friends. 
We haven't got to that other set yet, but it does hang on our wall.  

Riley was also the trooper.  She hung out in the backpack the whole time.  
The tick inspection that night resulted in 0 ticks.  However, there was one on Hannah's arm the next day and then Riley's head a couple days after that.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cinco de Mayo 10k & 5k

This past Saturday, Hannah and I ran the Cinco de Mayo 10k and 5k.  I signed up for the 10k and Hannah up for the 5k.  Our friends, Ashley and Ty, and their two kids, Logan and Iris, were also running in the race.  

The day was yucky.  It was cold, windy and rainy.  Unlike many 10k/5k combo's, the 5k for this even started 50 minutes after the 10k.  So 10k runners could opt to run the 5k as well.  This was basically my plan, to run the 10k then catch up with the 5k and finish with Hannah, who would be with Ty and Iris.  At the last minute, David decided he would join us and walk with Hannah and push Riley.  
I did pretty good, considering how miserable I've been feeling.  I was certain I would lose my breakfast somewhere between miles 3 and 4.  I finished at 57:14, a whole 6 minutes slower than my 10k just two weeks ago.  But it was better than I expected to do.   

I caught up with them a little past the one mile point.  Hannah was doing pretty good. She ran when she wanted and walked when she wanted.  

Logan, who was running the 10k, ran with Hannah for a little while.  

There is not a photo finish because Hannah had a rough finish.  I finished with Logan, while his mom Ashley stayed to motivate Iris.  When Hannah reached the finish line, she was ready to be done.  As soon as she finished, she bounced right back of course and said she would do it again.  I'm proud of her for sticking with it, even when I know she wanted to quit at the end.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Some of Riley's favorite things

Riley has such a big personality.  She's loud, she's in your face.  She's rambunctious and demanding.  But she also cuddles and likes to laugh.  Last night, for the first time, she gave me a kiss.  

Riley receives services through Early Intervention, because of her heart and genetic disorder.  Recently they evaluated her and determined that right now, she is tracking right where she should!  It seems that since she started walking, many other things have followed right behind.  She becomes more verbal, articulating words, every day it seems.  Here's what else she's been up to.  

This water table has become a fast favorite.  

On Sunday, we opened the back door.  Riley could see the water table and wanted to go play in it

She got pretty mad when David told her she couldn't go out and play, because it was raining.  David eventually had to close the door.  A little while later we found Riley playing in the toilet water.  ; )  

Riley loves animals.  She gets so excited about any that she sees.  So naturally, this book has become her favorite book.  She gets so excited looking at it, and squeals out the name of the animals she recognizes.  

We look at it at least once a day.  

Riley was walking around the other day, with the magnifying glass pressed to her face.  She would stick it up to her face for a few seconds, then pull it away and laugh!  

She's such a silly girl!  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Snap Circuits

One of Hannah's birthday gifts was an electronic snap circuit set.  David though she might like it because she enjoys legos so much.  Dad was right.  She loves it.  

The first night, they must've played for 5 hours, making different things.  

It's a really neat set up.  

David and Hannah working on a project together.  The book is really nice.  It explains how to make 300 projects, and explains why each one works.  David does a good job of asking open ended questions for Hannah.  

The other night she made an AM Radio.  She was so proud of herself.  

She especially liked when David turned on the radio in his car to the same thing she was listening to on what she had made.