Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Read Recently: Hannah

Last night I was checking over Hannah's school work.  She just finished two books: People Can Change the World and American Leaders.  It worked out perfectly, as her school units tied into our trip to DC a couple of weeks ago.  And the end of each workbook is a final project.  Her final project in People Can Change the World was to determine how she would like to change the world, and then come up with a plan to support that change.  Hannah's plan is to make sure that everyone has shelter.  She is going to contact leaders around the world, and get them on board with her plan of everyone having shelter.  Then she's going to go to builders and get them on board with her plan.  According to Hannah, this will make the world a better place because everyone will have a nice warm house, and everyone will be happy.  As a leader, she needs to be able to build good communication to help accomplish her goal.