Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fishing with Grandpa Davis

Last Saturday we went fishing out at Grandpa Davis' house.  He just built a new, fancy, 2 level dock complete with sitting benches.  Makes for some comfortable fishing.  

I absolutely love this photo.  

The adults all threw some lines in the water as well.  However, the fish just weren't biting on this day.  I think Hannah caught 1 or 2 brim but that was it.  We didn't even get nibbles on the catfish lines.  

Grandpa was telling them something.  I can't remember what though.  

The girls had fun.  Hannah stayed with his fishing pole for a long time!  Then Riley and Hannah toddled around the deck.  Riley did good, she remained aware of the edge and didn't get too close that often.  Besides, there were enough adults around that it wasn't too difficult to keep an  eye on her.  We hung out for a few hours.  Hannah and Riley played with the minnows.  Riley really liked them, and as usual, showed no fear or trepidation at grabbing them repeatedly.  Hannah grabbed a couple but they kept managing to squirm out of her hands and through the crack in the deck.  So I finally told her she wasn't allowed to grab anymore.  It was a good afternoon.  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Photos from here and there

This was taken a week ago, at a friend's house.  Hannah and Riley were riding around the yard.  Mainly running into things.  Until Riley refused to sit down.  

This was taken the next day, Sunday morning at church.  

We're loving the warm weather!  

This was taken on Tuesday.  Riley was just hanging outside with me.  I was working on my tan, she was creating chaos.  I know it doesn't look like it in this photo, but trust me, she was! 

Yesterday Brave made an appearance to help Riley down the slide.  

Friday, April 19, 2013

My new workout partner

I've picked up a new exercise partner: Hannah.  I have these grand dreams of Hannah and I running in races together.  I've seen moms and daughters running together in many of the events I've run in.  

We're just starting out together.  I've told her we can run as far, and as fast, as she wants to go.  

I've told her that it's about me and her spending time together.  I know I'm pushing Riley in the photo's but that's more to help  me slow down than anything else.  

Right after she finished her bike ride, she got out a ran with me.  It was her first brick workout. = )

So far, it's going good!  She's excited about it, which is huge.  And she's pretty good.  Her form is good, her legs and feet are flopping all over the place.  She'd rather go fast than slow.  And she's willing to go pretty far, in my opinion.  
I can't wait to see how we progress together.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A pictureless post.

This afternoon, I was in the garage changing the laundry over to the dryer, and I had the door going in to the house open. I looked up and saw Riley standing in garage. Then I saw the green and yellow cloth diaper in the door way. Now sometimes Riley just likes to play with her diapers, and she rips them out of the drawer and throws them all over the place. However, this one really looked like the one i had put in her. So I said Riley, did you pee pee? Riley said pee pee. Then I said Riley did you take your diaper off and she yelled yea! Indeed she had. What can I say, the girl wanted a dry diaper obviously.

Easter Part 2

While camping, I discovered I really like shuffleboard!  And I'm pretty good at it.  

You might need to enlarge this photo to see, but this is a photo of the egg hunt they set up for the kids.  They're everywhere, most not even hidden.  

Yogi and Boo boo at the egg hunt.

I helped Riley during the egg hunt.  She understood the concept.  However, I was positioned like this to allow her to get some before the greedier little kids grabbed them all up.  

Hannah, and her crack, searching for eggs.  

This was our preparation for the adult egg hunt.  The guys stayed with the kids while Noelle and I went to hunt adult eggs.  I should've taken a photo of what I got; 26 Cliff bars.  That's like $40 in granola bars!  They had a few eggs with money, some household items, some t-shirts, stuff like that.  The adult egg hunt was a lot of fun. The adults just charged the baseball field, I don't think it lasted longer than 2 minutes!   

Sunday morning I got up and did this bible study.  For those of you that don't know, Romans is quite intense!  

The breakfast David made us Easter morning.  It was delicious; spinach potatoes, bacon bits, tomatoes and avocados.  

The girls got their Easter baskets, and then played with their stuff while breakfast cooked.  

We found a caterpillar.  

The adults played Tie One On, the board game.  

Then we wandered over to the horse shoe pits and played for a little while.  

Shortly afterwards, Riley spiked a fever.  Hannah has been running one for days, without any other symptoms.  We decided it might be best if we headed home.  Which was a good thing, as we found ourselves in the ER late Sunday evening.  The girls are better now, but they both juggled high fevers (105.7) and sickness for 5 days after we got home.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter Camping Trip, the first 24

Over the Easter weekend, we headed south of Fayetteville, to Tabor City, NC for a camping trip.  We went to a Jellystone Park, which is a little more expensive than other places you can camp, but there is a lot for kids to do.  Since we haven't camped in a long time, since Hannah was an infant, we wanted this first trip to be more about her.  So we pull in Friday evening and get set up.  

Jared and Noelle's tent.  

The girls.  Hannah turned out to be really sick, but here is just the beginning.  That's why she's all bundled up.  

Riley, right in the middle of things.  

Making adult hot apple cider.  

Friday night, after the girls got tucked in, we sat around the fire and just relaxed.  

My girls, all snuggled together Saturday morning.  

The weather wasn't too bad.  It could have been a hair warmer, for my liking, but we all managed.  We were more concerned about being cold at night, which didn't happen at all.  

Making breakfast.  

Dutch Oven hash browns, which were very good.  

Cheese and potatoes, you just can't go wrong.  

Our hey ride with Yogi Bear.  The ride took us around the park.  Again, you can see how cold Hannah is.  

Heading to the egg hunt.  

On our way to the egg hunt, there was a family there having a birthday party.  They thought Riley deserved a green cupcake.  And she really enjoyed it!  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just some pictures

I'm in the process of putting together all the photo's from our camping trip, which are a lot.  So in the meantime, here's a few photo's of the girls from the last week.  

Here's Riley, ready to go!  She got the sunglasses up there on her own.  

Hannah's canvas from last week's art class.  

We were all playing together in Riley's room.  

Riley, taking care of those chapped lips. ; )

This was taken last Sunday, at church.  The girls got new dresses from Grandma Moon.