Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hannah's birthday gift

This year for Hannah's birthday we decided to do things a little different.  Her gift from us was a party at Wine, Paint and Canvas.  We scheduled a private party for 10 friends and arranged for them to paint Olaf, from Frozen.  

On party day we had two open seats, so David took one of them and painted Olaf too.  

Big Hannah and Billy, in usual form: non stop hilarity.  

Hannah and Vivian, birthday buddies from day 1.  

Vivian, and Jared and Kadence in the background.  

Here you can see Sara Beth, the little girl in the front left.  Beside her is Logan, beside Logan is Aria and her dad Paul.  On the other side of the table is Ashley, Logan's mom.  

Here you can see Aria and Logan again.  Across the table is Alayna, with her mom Karen.  

On the right side is Alayna and Karen.  Then Iris' head and her mom Ashley.  On the other side is Aria, then Sara Beth beside her.  In the far back, on the left, is Big Hannah, Billy and Grandpa Bob.

Hannah and her Olaf. 

Vivian and her Olaf.  Jared, fixing Kadences' Olaf.  My understanding is parental fixes were needed in all of the kids' paintings.  

Hannah, with all her friends.  

David said the party went well, but he thought the 2 hour time block for that age group was a bit too long.  He also said all the kids had to have some kind of parental recovery with their painting.  However all the kids had fun, and they all liked their painting, which is what mattered.  

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Most anyone who has spent time around me can tell you that I don't have a lot of idle time.  I'm not sure how my plate gets so full, it just does!  So here are some of my current projects:

These are the kitchen table and chairs.  The small, red chairs are ones my dad gave me last year that he found cleaning out an old house.  The other chair and table were left in the home by the previous owner.  I asked if they would leave them for us, since our table will no longer work for our family of 5, and they did.  
Last week, my girl friend Michelle gave me some paint and I decided to paint.  I decided the table should be white and the chairs should be multicolor.  

Hannah got in on the painting fun!  Her she is painting her chair.  

I also started repainting the bathroom.  It's called Bathe Blue.  

And since I had that high gloss white out, I decided to touch up some other things, like this cabinet door.  And some trim and baseboards.  I almost got a little carried away "touching up" stuff.  

Finished photo's coming soon!  
 I have missed having my own home SO MUCH!!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time flies

I can't believe how long it's been since I've blogged. I really don't know where the time has gone. It's lost somewhere between homeschooling, exercising, the back yard, the kiddos and church!  And birthdays!  Anyways, here's some photos that show what we've been up to.

Joshua in this absolutely adorable batman outfit from Becca and Ryan. 

Contemplating the craziness that is Riley.

Craziness on display!  I got this trampoline for Riley for lots of reasons; build muscle tone, play and to help her focus.  With kids, burning energy can be an excellent method to help them focus.  

Coloring with Riley.  This was only two weeks ago.  

Joshua, looking adorable in the "Josh" hat.  Our Very good friend Josh, of Josh and Leah, wears hats like this all the time!  So this is Joshua's "Josh" hat. 

Riley, and her preschool class, practicing for their end of the year program.  

Grandma Moon, reading a story. 

Big Hannah, Hannah and Riley, peeking over the fence.

Thursday, May 22, 2014