Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A 10k all the way

This past Saturday morning David and I ran in a 10k (6.2 miles) for the YMCA. It was hosted during the Dogwood Festival so we ran a portion of the Dogwood Trail, which was absolutely beautiful, even though we didn't see one dogwood! The dogwoods were long gone about two weeks ago, but the Dogwood Festival is always after the dogwoods are finished blooming, I know, it's wacky. However, the azaleas are all in full bloom and the run winded down streets downtown where some of the nicer homes in Fayetteville are located. At mile one, a person on the sidelines called out our times. When she called out mine, I was less than happy. I couldn't believe how slow I was running, 10:36! David gave me some advice, that's why I like having him around for this stuff, and I listened. By mile 6, I was running at just under an 8 minute pace, which is what I'm averaging right now. My goal was one hour and I completed the race in 56 minutes with David right beside me. He was so great for me, pushing me and encouraging me. It felt great crossing the finish line. I was so proud of myself, it truly makes me feel like superwoman. My only regret is that we didn't hang out long enough to see what place we came in. We thought that they race results would be emailed to us, and we had some where to be, so we couldn't hang out long enough to see the posted results there. Oh well. We do not have our next race picked out........yet.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Here's a couple photo's from Easter Sunday. I have one of the three of us, but I haven't loaded the pictures from my camera yet. So I'll post that one when I get it on the computer. In short, Hannah had so much fun. The Easter Bunny left her lots of goodies, they were right outside her door when she woke up. And the goodies continued all day long. Breakfast consisted of a chocolate rabbit on a stick and milk. She had to have a little help, at first, but she got the hang of it pretty quick. We had a fantastic dinner of roast and potatoes, glazed carrots, and grilled asparagus, tomatoes, and corn. We topped of dessert with cheesecake and fresh strawberries. Like I said, a good day all around.

Monday, April 6, 2009

THe cornhole tournament

This past Saturday a local winery held a conrhole tournament that David decided to enter. He's been playing daily at work during lunch and has orders to build boards like boards he built for himself. His boards are blue and white and say FPD (Fayetteville Police Department) on them. In short, he's really getting into cornhole! So we all packed up and went to the winery around 10, the tournament started at noon. Hannah and I walked around, they had a lot of different booths set up that day. I bought a couple bottles of wine, and a plate of bbq for us. We took a walk around the grounds of the winery. I would pass through and see how David was doing. Partners were drawn randomly and it was a double elimination tournament. After walking around the grounds, which looked really nice with a large lake and cabins for rent on the grounds, I walked up to see that David and his partner were playing another team, and no one else was playing. I was pretty happy for David to have made it that far, even happier when he won, undefeated! And if you know David, you can imagine how happy he was!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

When you think your child is sleeping.....

The other day Hannah woke up after about an hour from her nap. Normally her nap ranges from 2 to 2 1/2 hours, so I laid her back down and turned her music back on. She cries for a little, then it's all quiet in there and she's sleeping........or so I thought! About an hour later, my dad went in there to get her up for me and I heard him say "What did you get in to?" I walked in and couldn't believe what I was looking at it. I immediately knew what she had gotten paint. I had Hannah's painting sitting on top of a shelf beside her crib. She couldn't reach it from the floor and I thought it was far enough from her crib for her to be able to reach it that way. Besides, it had been sitting there for the last month, so I thought I was safe, wrong! She had all the paint in her crib, with her, but only the green was open and empty. I said "holy jesus" and covered my face. Of course, Hannah thought she was in trouble then, and started to cry so I had to pick her up and show her I wasn't angry at her. Of course, these things always happen when you have to be somewhere, as I had to meet the realtor in an hour. I gave Hannah the fastest bath/cleanup of her life and left the crib for David! Here's our little green monster.......