Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am really on a roll!!!

So I carved my first pumpkin ever!!! The pumpkin in the very last picture is the one I did first. I didn't realize that the patterns had difficulty levels on them until after I started the spider web. I really didn't want to finish it, but I did! Today, Hannah and I carved one together. Well, I carved, Hannah made a mess. And ate a lot of pumpkin and pumpkin seeds! So here's some pictures of our finished product, and a few from in between. I'm going to roast some pumpkin seeds in a little, and tomorrow I'm going to tackle homemade pumpkin pie!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wow, another post. I'm on a roll!!!

So yesterday David got his own truck, woo-hoo, a week early. He was in Iowa, and the company decided to go ahead and let him test out because he already had the required amount of miles to test out. So he passed, and got his own truck two days ago. The company had to do some maintenance on the truck, so he didn't get on the road until yesterday evening. I talked to him around 10 pm and he was having a rough night. He'd already stabbed himself with a piece of glass and something else I can't remember. Around midnight I recieved a text message from him saying he had hit a deer. I looked at the message and went right back to sleep. This morning when I talked to him he told me the full story. He hit a big buck, and as a result the radiator smashed into the fan. Which basically meanted he couln't run the truck. The truck was at a service center, and he didn't know what was going to come of this. In short, he has to get a new truck and he's got to go to Louisanna for it. Which means he's not coming home this weekend. Which would be alright except that there's so much that needs to be done around here and between school and mothering, I just don't have time to take care of much of it! Thankfully, he was about an hour outside of Chicago. So he's spending the weekend his family. And that's the story of David's first day of solo driving.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Duck go quack quack

Hannah said her first sentence this past Sunday. Kelly and I took the girls to the park on Sunday to feed the geese. It was Hannah's first goose feeding experience and she did pretty good. She threw a couple pieces of bread at the geese, then decided she'd rather eat it herself! So she watched Jay and I feed them. Kelly kept saying "duck go quack quack" and Hannah eventually repeated it back to her. I totally missed it though! Hannah had a blast with Jay. Whenever I see her interact with Jay, I know she must miss Vivian and Lem. In the picture of Hannah and Jayden holding hands, it was Hannah who reached for Jay's hand. Like I said, it was a much needed girl weekend for both us. This weekend, David and I are looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

A birthday Celebration

This weekend I drove up to Chicago for some much needed girl time. David stayed here, and got much accomplished without Hannah and I underneath him. Kelly had a little birthday celebration for Jayden, her little girl, and me, the second night I was there. Hannah planted her hand in both cakes and went nuts over the freaking whipped cream, as you'll notice from one of the photo's below. She kept putting her hand in the whipped cream and shoving handfuls of it into her mouth. And then she would laugh hysterically. It was great.

I'm back...........for now

Well let's see, on October 1st, David and I moved into a rental house. It's only 3 streets down from Amy and Tom, David's mom and her husband. It's exactly 1/4 mile away, which makes it incredibly convenient for all of us. Hannah and I just take a little stroll when we need to go over there. It all happened really fast, which is why most people didn't know about it. I found the listing, looked at the house, and signed the lease 4 days later. David didn't see it until a week later! Things have been very hectic since then, between school, moving, and Hannah. The two pictures of Hannah were taken last month. The last picture is one David sent the first or second week of driving. If you look closely at the back stack, you can see that it's shifted to the left of all the other stacks. This is one of the many exciting things David's had happen since he started driving. So to answer everyone's questions, yes, David is enjoying truck driving very much. So far he's been to Oklahoma, Nebraska, Michigan, Iowa, Maine, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Tennessee, and I think I'm missing one or two.