Friday, January 18, 2013

New Years Eve

Josh and Leah decided to come in for New Years, and we also had Noelle and Jared over with Kadence.  It was a full house, with a lot of fun.  But I'm jumping ahead.  

The evening started late, since New Years Eve was on a Monday.  David and Noelle had to work, so they didn't get home until after 6 p.m.  And then the guys all wanted to go geocache.  They left a little after 8 I think, with a promise of being back before midnight.  

While they were gone, Noelle, Leah and I chatted over a bottle, ok maybe two, of wine. The guys got back, after having to give up on a cache so they could make it home in time to ring in the New Years.  

We had drinks, and played games.  We played Compatibility, and Loaded Questions.  

The pictures are blurry.  

We had so much fun, and laughed so much!  It was one of those nights where your abdomen hurts from laughing so much.  

Somewhere in their we also called my sister to FaceTime.  She was in the same condition as we all were.  Which made for some very interesting conversations.  

I don't remember who won the games.  I don't remember a lot of what was said but I remember the laughing.  

We somehow managed to stay awake until 5 am, which was quite the accomplishment for us all.  However, we weren't very productive on New Years Day.  

Christmas Festivities

Note to readers: moving during the Christmas season is rough.  You have so much to accomplish from moving, and you have christmas visiting requirements, which make for a SUPER busy holiday season.  

Ours started with my Grandma Davis' house on the 23rd..  
The photo's are all a little blurry in spots but they're the only ones I have.
Cousins, aunts and uncles.   

My dad, helping Hannah.  

Riley, with my grandma and aunt, in her christmas best. 

Hannah, getting her nails done by my cousin.  

After we left my grandma's we went home and pulled in the driveway at the same time as David's dad.  David had to work on Christmas Eve; when he got home we piled in the car and went to my mom's for dinner and gifts.  Hannah, in more of her Christmas best.  This is actually an outfit my mom and Art got for Hannah last christmas.  

Me and momma

Dinner, yum. ; )  I took this picture to send it to my sister; ham, butter beans, corn casserole, tomato pie and mashed potatoes.  To make her jealous.  It worked.  And then I stuffed myself.  

Riley, being uncooperative.  

Ready to open gifts, especially Hannah.  

I don't even know......

Grandpa Bob being silly with Hannah's reindeer antlers.  

The Merida wig.  

Red looks good on Grandpa.  

The complete Merida outfit.  

My leftovers.  Another picture I took to send to my sister.  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spreading the infection, err love

Right before we went to Chicago, for that last visit, I got strep throat (during finals at school : /).  I was diagnosed on Wednesday and we left for Chicago on Friday.  On Saturday, I noticed Hannah acting not quite herself.  During dinner, in Greektown, she wanted to sit on my lap and she wasn't her usual peppy and entertaining self.  I kept asking her about her throat, because I was afraid maybe she was getting sick too.  Sunday, in the middle of the night because my kids cannot get a fever at 10 am on Monday, Hannah got a fever close to 104.  I called the on call doctor at her pediatrician's office and after explaining our situation she agreed that Hannah likely had strep too and she would prescribe something over the phone for me.  This was such a relief!  And saved me from paying for an ER visit.  I had medicine in her by 9 am Sunday.  I felt confident that she would feel better by Monday, so we could go home on time.  

Monday morning her fever was still at 104.  I was in a bit of a pickle because Amy and Tom were leaving and I didn't have anywhere to stay but I didn't want to subject Hannah to a 6 hour drive to Carbondale when she felt so bad.  Kelly graciously opened her house up to us, which is remarkable considering her daughter, Jayden, gets sick pretty easily.  

We outfitted the house, and the girls, as best we could, to keep the germs from spreading.  And the girls played happily together while Hannah recuperated.  

We ended up taking Hannah back to the doctor, because her lymph nodes were not going down and her fever remained the same.  

All this did not detour the girls from acting like girls.  Even Layla got in on the action.  

Riley enjoyed this game of peek a boo.  

Our wonderful precautions did not keep Jayden from getting sick.  Poor Jay, she got a vomiting bug and then strep.  Regardless of the circumstances, it was fun to spend some time with Kelly and the girls.  The odd thing is that in the end, Hannah did not have strep throat, based on the send off culture they did.  Don't know what she had, other than a nasty infection that settled in her throat.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A stroll in the city

A week before we drove to NC, we all, (Amy, Tom, Hannah, Riley and I) went up to Chicago.  Amy and Tom were taking Hannah to see the nutcracker and I was coming up to visit and enjoy the city before we left.  I feel like we were there long enough for me to enjoy the city.  And Chicago has so much to offer!  I guess it's just a reason to visit.  In the summer though.  Saturday afternoon, Riley and I took the train into the city and where I would later meet everyone for dinner in Greektown.  

I had no agenda, I just wanted to walk around.  

The train was about 40 minutes late, which put a limit to how far I could wander, since I had to give myself time to get to the restaurant on time.  

I simply picked a direction and walked.  

Even though I only had about an hour, which was not as much time as I had hoped for, I still enjoyed my stroll.  

I forgot gloves for Riley.  So I gave her mine.  Then she proceeded to wave her hands around all over the place.  

It was nice to walk around at Christmas, because the city puts up a lot of lights.  

I can't remember what this is, but it's a special building.  David could tell me, only he's not here.  And I know there's a streetlight in the middle of the photo, but I still like the way it looks.  

With Greg, at a Greek restaurant in Greektown.  

Dinner was fantastic, especially the garlic sauce, which was pureed potatoes with A LOT of garlic.  

Riley and Josie, Greg's giant lab.  Riley loves him so much.
And he's so gentle with Riley.  

Monday, January 7, 2013

Look what we found tonight

David grabbed Riley up after dinner so we could clean her up.  And noticed something unusual.  

Upon further inspection.....

we found chunks of Riley's dinner.  

That was fun to clean up.