Sunday, December 2, 2012

Morton Arboretum & their Treehouses

A week or so before Thanksgiving we decided to head to the Morton Arboretum and check out the Treehouse exhibit there, among other things.  I'd been one other time and had a really good time.  It's a lot more than your average arboretum.  

Hannah wanted to walk down and check out the water.  The weather was supposed to be much nicer that day, but the sun never came out.  

Hannah led the way to the Treehouse exhibit

None of the houses were in trees, which would have been REALLY neat but there were made out of different trees. 

Each house had a sign in front of it, telling you what kind of tree it was made from, as well as a little bit about the tree.  

Would it surprise you to know that this one was Hannah's favorite? 

This one was my favorite.  

Riley, along for the ride.  

I took a picture of this because Hannah said that this flower looked like a mad face.  And it does! 

Then we went off on a gnome hunt.  There were 13 we had to find.  Each gnome had a clue that led you to the next one.   

Yes, Hannah fell in.  She only got one foot wet.  

Hannah was very nervous crossing this, and it took her a few minutes to get all the way across it.  David went on it with her, in front of her.  It was long, and 3 different levels.  

When she completed it, she was so very proud of herself! 

And then she did another one.  

We found all 13 gnomes, had a cold and breezy lunch and an all around good time.  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A D.C. Thanksgiving

We broke tradition this year.  For thanksgiving, we opted out of spending it with family and went to D.C. to spend it with some wonderful friends.  
The day was crazy hectic.  We had to get out of the house for Aunt Debbie's cleaning lady.  Then David had to submit a urine sample for a drug test, and I had to drop my car off to get a small repair done.  And we had to be on the road to the airport by 2.  Oh yeah, and all the packing since we were headed to out of Aunt Debbie's house for good the day after we got back from D.C. 
The result was that David and I didn't eat anything after about 8 am, when we had breakfast.  The result was that we ended up at the airport STARVING.  Not a good place to be starving.   

We paid way too much money for Chili's food and horrible service.  Riley, chowing down on some chips.  

This photo is dark but you can see David's mouth hanging open.  Riley is passed out on his chest.  Hannah happily stared out the window for the entire hour and a half flight.  I did school work.  

We lost no time, and got right down to business.  With a pumpkin cappuccino and a vanilla latte.  And then a bottle of wine.  

And then the hot tub.  The wonderfully anticipated hot tub.  

These pictures need no words! 

Thanksgiving morning dip with Hannah.  

This is Liberty and George (as in George Washington).  George is younger, by about a year, he's the one sitting on the other dog.  

The girls watching Brave during our Norton blind taste test.  

Here's Josh, lining things up for us.  

The Norton grape, according to DeLong's Varietal Table.  





Most of the wines had been sitting, properly stored, for about 2 years.  Our conclusion is that Norton wines are not designed to sit because Josh and Leah would not buy wine that tasted this bad.  And it was bad.  Like take a sniff and gag bad.  

All the bottles we tried.  Not one of us had the equivalent of 1 glass of wine.  The 2nd 3rd bottle from the left, Chrysalis, was the only wine we determined we would all drink.  

However, no one wanted anything to drink after that.  So we took pictures and laughed about what happened instead.  

Snack night on Friday. 

Which also included an intense game of Risk, then Monopoly.  Josh beat David at Risk in under 10 minutes, then David beat Josh at Monopoly.  

Hannah and Liberty, out geocaching.  

Saturday we went to see Cinderella at a local theater.

This was after Cinderella, at Il Pizzico.  The food here is phenomenal.  Hannah, Leah and I ordered a few dishes and shared them all.  We had ravioli with mushrooms and pistachios, risotto with prosecution and peas, and gnocchi with gorgonzola and truffle oil.  It was all fabulous.  Really, really fabulous.

Hannah with George and Liberty.  Boy did she have fun playing with them.  

The visit was great.  It was incredibly relaxing, especially for a holiday that is normally not relaxing.  It was nice to sit around the table and catch up with Josh and Leah.  It's a reminder of how we, as in people in general, need to make time for the people close to them outside of their family.