Monday, August 31, 2015

House makeovers

Who doesn't like a little laugh with the laundry.  I wanted it because I loathe laundry and because it's always there!!  

This is hard to see but I added some curtains to the playroom.  I cut the curtains because they were too long for the window seat.  Then I used some stitch witch to make a hem on the curtains.  They're horribly crooked but you don't really notice that because of the way they fall.  

I put up some cafe curtains in the kitchen.  I'm not in love with the curtains but they were given to me.  And it's very similar to what I've wanted to put in there.  I just wanted something to hide the blinds there.  And I wanted white and sheer, because I love natural light and these windows let in so much light.  

This project is now finished, I just have to put all the pieces back together.  These are parts to a dresser in the girls' room.  The dresser has three drawers and a small cabinet area above the drawers. 

I took off the doors, and pulled out the drawers and painted the front of them.  I'm putting it all back together today.  

This is the girls' bedroom door.  This is the same color on the dresser parts.  It's still wet in the photo, which you can see in the slight color variations.  I think one more coat will complete the door.  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Riley's party

So we were traveling over Riley's birthday.  We did do something small to celebrate, cupcakes and a petting zoo, but it was nothing like the birthday party we had for Hannah.  

And, as any parent of more than one will tell you, it's just easiest to do for one what you are willing to do for all.  Because Riley remembers Hannah's birthday party.  So she would ask when she was going to have her party.  

I decided to wait until Aunt Casey was here.  Since I had to wait for us to get home, I didn't think it would matter much waiting another week or so.  Plus, I knew Casey would enjoy being home for it.  

Riley's cake was perfect, for Riley.  As you can see here, she loved it!  She had a few friends over, Regan from co-op and Olivia from church.  Ethan came over and stayed the night with us. 

I told everyone not to worry about gifts because
Riley just wanted everyone to look at her.
and sing to her.  

Our guests did not listen well.  At least most of them did not.  

EIther way, Riley had a fantastic time.  She played non stop in the back yard with her friends.  

Saturday, August 22, 2015

A little redo

The Hugs and Kisses Consignment just wrapped up.  It's the second time I've sold stuff in it and the third time I've shopped it.  For the first time, I went on half price night.  

These boxes were my splurge that night.  Meaning they weren't half price.  However, they were still inexpensive and I've been looking for something like this for their rooms.  

As you can see, they were all white but we wanted to change that.  

So here's our final product.  I think they turned out really good!  And since I used spray paint we already had, our total cost was pretty low.  

Friday, August 21, 2015

Just some random photos and events

Don't you wish you could play in a cooler?

The picture above and below happened at the same event: a Sunday School social.

Joshua enjoyed that cupcake.  

This is what happens when I leave my cell laying around for Hannah to get.  

This was our first science experiment of the year: mummifying an apple.  

We absolutely love our science this year: Anatomy and Physiology.  Its by Apologia and they have done a wondeful job of creating easy experiments.  Below are our 8 apple samples.  

Joshua getting a little trim.  

Random photos

My cool guy

Riley, very excited over some birthday presents, and money.  

Riley and Joshua, in their daily wrestling match.  

Riley, at the Swamp dogs game.  

This is one of Joshua's new things: he likes to take his blanket and dog out of his bed when he wakes up from a nap.  Then, he lays his blanket down in random spots whenever he wants to take a short rest.  

Going for a walk.

I swear, he wanted it on his head.  

Joshua's new trick.  The first time he did this, no one saw him climb up top.  Now that we're aware of what he can do, we're extra careful of him in the girls' room!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Riley Moon

I took this picture because right before this Riley looked at me and said "Mom, I look funny."  And then she laughed.  

I've resolved that there will always be something to talk about with Miss Moon's heart.  It's always going to be doing it's own thing, much like Miss Riley.  For now it all looks good.  Of course, it's still beating in reverse.  That was explained in more detail here: Miss Riley Keeps us on Our Toes.  

She had to wear a monitor again, and while her heart beats inefficiently, everything else about her heart looks good.  This time, Riley did not like wearing her monitor though.  Matter of fact, she rather hated it and asked over and OVER AGAIN if she could take it off.  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Lots of laughs in Dawsonville GA

Last month, I had the pleasure of hanging out with a friend from Italy.  Brittany has been mentioned many times on here, going back to our time in Italy.  She lives in the mountains of Georgia and on my way home from Grandpa Bob's, we stopped to hang out for a few days. 

Hanging out on the back porch.  That's Brittany snapping a pic of her son Ethan and my Joshua.  

Above: My second night there, Brittany, her husband and another friend and myself went to see Shania Twain in concert.  He had received the tickets free and passed them along to us.  I'm not a big Shania Twain fan but I must say that she put on a really fantastic show! She interacted with her audience a lot, which I love seeing.  

Paper Airplanes never seem to lose their magic.  That's Bella launching hers.

Somehow paper airplanes evolved into tug of war.  

Which evolved into dragging people around on the floor on the blanket.

The kids played non stop and played hard.  

The most fantastic tree house I've ever seen 
(which I blogged about before here: Ta-da).

It was a short visit, only a few days but it was so much fun catching up.  For myself and for the kids.  We ended up pulling out Sunday evening for a quiet drive home.  That was not what I got.  Instead I had torrential rainfall and slow moving traffic because I couldn't see.  The kids napped nearly the whole way because they were just done.