Thursday, November 28, 2013


I just realized the difference that 5 weeks can make. 
I still have 3 weeks to go.  = (

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some random photos

This was taken last Sunday, at church.  In Riley's hand you can see nino.  I don't know how this piece of fabric came to be known as nino but it is an essential part of Riley's life.  We have to have it all the time.  Honestly, it can be a little stressful! : /

This was a few weeks ago, I snapped a picture of Hannah doing the dishes.  It's not a routine chore for her to do dishes, but she does them sometimes.  Right now, her routine chores are making sure the cats have food and water, making her bed, and picking up her toys daily.  We also just added doing her own laundry.  She can also make coffee, with the Senseo, toast her own bagels and work the microwave.  

More throwing.  She loves to "throw ball."  

This was last Friday night.  We had the pleasure of going out to my dads for dinner.  Hannah rode on the front loader, to help my dad organize his massive burn pile.  After dinner, we all watched it burn.  

That's Hannah in there, with my dad, making adjustments.  She said she had to cover her face when they got that close to the fire because it was so hot.  

And another one of Riley and me from church.  

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Last week I posted a blog about being pregnant.  Here's what we look like at 35 weeks.  

I'm carrying this kid differently than I did the girls.  I know that because doing the dishes and cooking are difficult.  The amount of belly in front of me is larger.  So when I do dishes or cook, I have to stand sideways, otherwise my arms are too short!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fumbling, and sometimes learning

Here we are, just a week out from our last round in the hospital with Miss Riley.  It seems unfortunate that David and I should learn to navigate the health care system through trial and error with our children.  Yet that seems to be the path we're traveling! 
So, back during the last round of high fevers for both girls (Easter) we discussed a new method for Hannah and Riley regarding fevers, a less hands on approach.  I would stop taking their temperatures.  As their mom, I know when they're running warm.  And I know if their behavior warrants treatment.  But this awful cycle of high fevers which cause us to get sent to the hospital only for the hospital to tell us it's nothing serious, is not good!  And pricey.  

Instead, I would focus on the all the other symptoms.  How they act when the fever is down with medicine.  Things like that would help me decide what to do with my kids when they run fevers.  So on Sunday, November 3rd, when I noticed Riley running a fever, I did just that.  I didn't take it that day.  I assessed her other symptons: runny nose and some congestion.  And she was crabby.  

So we went on about our week.  I kept home, away from other kids.  Her fever bounced in between 102 and 104.  Other than her fever, she seemed to have cold symptoms.  There were moments when she played with Hannah.  She was crabby, and not tolerant of anything.  And she wasn't sleeping well.  Wednesday night, easily the worst, Riley was awake at 1130, 2, 4 and 6.  It was awful.  David and I felt like zombies.  Friday, early morning, Riley's fever was still near 103, so I decided that she needed to go to sick call at her pediatrician.  We were going on day 6 of fevers and I just couldn't dismiss it any longer.  So I get the girls up and throw them in the car and head to the dr.  

They did not send me home immediately, which is what I thought would happen.  I thought I would be told she had a virus and it was just running it's course.  Instead, they ruled out strep, a urinary tract infection and ran some labs.  Nothing.  Then the pediatrician looked at me and said she was admitting us to the hospital.  She explained that 6 days of fever was concerning, typically viruses don't run longer than 5 days.  She felt the hospital could rule out other possibilities, like Kawasaki disease and a blood infection.  

Once we get to settled in the hospital, and talk to the P.A., we learn that biggest concern is a blood infection.  They were able to rule out Kawasaki shortly after arriving to the hospital.  A blood infection is never good, but is even more dangerous for someone with heart defects, like Riley.  We end our day with two choices: we can take Riley home but only if she is given a super antibiotic.  The concern is that her fever might come back while we're at home, which would be very bad.  So in order to take our girl home, the hospital wants to take precautionary measures.  Our other option was to stay for observation, and have nothing done.  This would allow the hospital to monitor her fever, and give her the antibiotic if it became necessary, while we waited for the blood infection results, which would take about 24 hours.  David and I choose to stay in the hospital for observation.  We didn't want to stay overnight in the hospital, but we also didn't want Riley getting a super antibiotic without knowing if it was even necessary.  
During all this, Hannah was having a slumber party with Vivian.  Where she lost another tooth, but wouldn't talk to David and I about it because she was too busy having fun, as evidenced in the photo of her above. 
Riley made it through the night without a fever.  She didn't even get an IV.  Saturday afternoon, we got the ok to leave, as her blood results showed no signs of infection.  Most likely she had an infection!  At the end of the day, I'm proud of the way we handled it.  While I hate that we stayed at the hospital, I'm very happy Riley didn't get an antibiotic unnecessarily. Unfortunately, these learning experiences only happen from repeat visits.  

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Fancy Nancy Soirée

A couple weeks ago, our local library had a Fancy Nancy Soiree.  I like participating in  library events.  They do many things for kids, most of the time we have schedule conflicts. However, this one was held on a Saturday morning, too easy to make that happen.  

In the advertising for this event, it said to come in your best Fancy Nancy attire.  Hannah wasn't feeling the dress up though, so she went low key.  The girls got there and posed for these photo's with the purple.  

The rest of the hour went from story to craft to activity.  

Here, all the girls are trying to balance books on their heads'.  

Riley, goofy as usual.  She wanted to be right in the middle of everything.  

Below, the girls were playing freeze dance.  

Riley and I coloring a picture together.  

Fancy Hannah with her corsage.  

Riley and I made one too.  Strangely enough, Riley's did not last that long!

At the end of the hour, the girls sat for cookies and another story.  

Out of all the event's I've been to held by the library, this was my favorite.  The kids did so many different things; physical activities, story time, crafts.  It was really a good time.  

Thursday, November 7, 2013

This Pregnancy

I haven't spoke much about this pregnancy.  Part of that is because I have two kids I"m running after at this point.  Riley is progressing in leaps and bounds, after months at a standstill.  Homeschooling Hannah is a challenge but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Seeing her progress, I'm amazed at her strengths and weaknesses.   For example, she dislikes Language Arts.  Who would've thought?!?!  The girl who devours reading and is, and has been, articulate beyond her years, does not like reading, writing and spelling!  Science is her favorite.  This year has been all about plants and animals, so far.  
But back to the current pregnancy.  This pregnancy has been extremely difficult for me.  I started out surprised that I was pregnant, and it took some time for that shock to wear off.  On top of that, I spent the first 4 months with ridiculous nauseous.  Those of you who were around for my first two pregnancies know that I breezed through them.  They were easy.  This pregnancy found me wishing I would throw up, for a moment's relief from the sick feeling.  It never went away.  I was tired from the start.  I was tired with all my pregnancies, but this time, if I sat for 2 minutes, it became impossible for me to keep my eyes open.  I did my best to nap while Riley napped but Hannah had schoolwork to do, and most days it was a challenge to make it until David got home.  The girl that loves to cook became of cook of convenience.  I did eventually find relief from the nausea.  I have yet to find relief from the sleepiness.  WIthout fail, if I sit for very long, it becomes a struggle to keep my eyes open.  One time I tried dozing off while Riley and Hannah were awake.  Riley called 911.  That was the first, and last, time I tried that.  From the start of this pregnancy, I noticed a decline in my physical abilities.  I would safely label my myself as an active person.  I noticed difficulty running and doing normal physical activities.  With both pregnancies, I remained physically active.  And I ran with Riley, pretty easily, until I was 7 months.  I expected to slow down, and I did, but it also became difficult to push myself through these activities that I loved so much.  

A few of months ago, I began having Braxton Hicks contractions.  A little over a month ago, it went from Braxton Hicks to contractions.  I went grocery shopping by myself one night, and had to take a breather at the end of the aisle.  I came home and cried talking to David.  By this point, sweeping brought on contractions resulting in a sit down.  Everything has become hard for me.  For the last few weeks, I've been seeing spots.  It's happened sporadically throughout this pregnancy, but it's happening with more regularity now.  I  brought it up at my last doctor's appointment and he explained that at this point it's to be expected.  He went on to explaining that passing out is not a bad thing, hitting my head on the way down would be.  So he told me to rest lots (haven't I been doing this for the last 8  months?!?!?!).  
All that being said, this morning I laid in bed (way too early at 4 am) and smiled at the thought of seeing my baby boy next month.  I don't mind newborns, they're so cuddly and snugly.  I wonder what he'll look like.  Maybe he'll look like David.  I thought about being in the hospital with David and Joshua.  Just us.  It's such a beautiful time, with just us and our new baby.  Anyways, I wanted to put this all down.  One day, my kids will be able to look back over this blog and see their history.  It's an always evolving baby book for my children.  And Joshua will know that despite all yucky parts endured while growing him, that we can't wait to meet him!
In other news, these pictures were taken at the last ultrasound, on October 21.  This was at 31 weeks and 2 days.  At that point he was already head down and his organs developed were developed at the age of 32 weeks and 4 days.  So he's an over-achiever!  And at that time he was 4 pounds 12 ounces.  Based on his growth and the time remaining in my pregnancy, he will easily be 8 pounds or more.  Both the girls were 6 pounders.  Quite the difference in size!  This is good though, maybe he'll stand a chance against the girls, particularly one.  We'll see ya soon baby boy!


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