Thursday, October 30, 2014

Things recently heard

      Riley's new key word is totally.  For example "I can totally see our car."  This is what she says about many things.  I can totally hear that mom.  Possibly the funniest thing about her use of the word totally is that I don't say it, and neither does Hannah.  Where did she get it from?!?!

     Joshua is slowly stepping his way here and there, on his own.  I can see his confidence with walking building slowly.  It's beautifully sad, because he's far too young (in my opinion) to acquire this independence!  He can clap, wave good bye and says mama. 

     Hannah's personality is becoming more her own.  She's developed a playful side, trying to get over on adults and being silly in new ways.  For example, last night was our church's fall festival and Hannah didn't wear her costume.  When asked what she was, Hannah replied "I'm dressed up as nothing" or "I'm dressed up as Hannah."  Those responses were all her.  I've found an art teacher, who will work with her once a month or so.  We don't have time to commit to something once a week, so this lady will work with us on an as wanted basis, which is awesome!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Friday nights

  Our new Friday night routines involve heading to the local high school to watch the band play, I mean the football game.  ; )  Bill and Amy are always about to support our kids activities, and David and I realized that we wanted to do that as well.  Since we live so close to the high school now, it's too easy to drive up and hang out with Amy and Bill at the merchandise tent and watch the kids perform.  The kids love being there.  The girls play with a big group of little kids, they play some form of soccer that they made up.  We bring balls, and pom poms and flags.  

  Here you can see the girls in action.  Joshua likes the music.  The merchandise tent is right beside the bleacher section for the band.  Every time the band starts up, Joshua's legs start moving.  

  This was taken on senior night.  Landon was recognized as a senior in the band.  That's Hannah Wade turned around, smiling at the camera.  Hannah is Bill and Amy's youngest child.  The young man in the band uniform, standing across from her, is Landon Wade, Bill and Amy's middle child.  

  Riley has fallen in love with the cheer leaders.  We watch them many times during the games.  We watch them warm up.  Most notable is the change in her behavior when she's watching them, or when they talk to her.  Riley becomes calm and bashful.  Strange behavior for the kid that is normally moving a million miles a minute.  While screaming about it.  

  We do try and help out as much as possible.  All in all, it's a good way to spend a Friday night. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Life happens

I haven't been very good at posting, I know.  While I try to get back in the swing of things, maybe posting a couple a month or so, here's some pictures taken over the last couple of months. 

What's not to love about those smiles?

Our first Jack Britt football game

My kids completely raided the band apparel tent.  Good thing Miss Amy loves them.

Hannah and Joshua

This girls loves to do anything art.

Hahahaha.  Let me out!

Play, or the making of a disaster.  You pick.


Oh hey, my name is Joshua and I have a round belly and chubby cheeks.  

I also love my thumb.

I have also decided to begin taking unassisted steps, though I'm not yet 10 months old.  It's making my mom a little sad.  

Sometimes, when Hannah goes off to do fun things that the rest of us can't do, we let ice cream heal our wounds.  

Monday, October 13, 2014

Camping at Lake Moomaw

These are pictures from a little trip David and I took at the end of June.  I know, what the heck have I been doing the last 4 months!  I'm not even sure, it's all a blur.  

Lake Moomaw sits on the border of West Virginia and Virginia.  It's the first place I've been in a very long time where there is no Verizon cellular reception.  Beautiful and peaceful, and we met our good friends Josh and Leah there.  A couple months prior, Leah had emailed me to let me know they would be here camping, and we could join them if we wanted.  After a little misreading of directions on my part, for some reason I thought they were 2.5/3 hours from us but it was a tad further than that!  

The hammock got a lot of use.  Riley napped in it a couple of times. 

The site setup.

The kids had a great time.  Camping with Joshua wasn't easy but it wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done.  It took a little to figure out how to get him to sleep.  He didn't like our tent for some reason.  But once we figured that out, life was much better.  

Some relaxing by the water.  As usual in lakes, I was nibbled on by a fish a couple of times.  I know because I saw it happen the second time.  It always startles me!

More napping

There aren't many pictures of Hannah because she spent a lot of time out swimming with Josh and Leah's niece, Ava.  

Another nap!

David loves camp cooking.  

Here's Hannah, out with the doggies and Ava.  

The Josh's 

We spent 4 days camping with them.  It's been awhile since we've camped, and we do love it so much.  It's a little more taxing with kids because you have to bring so much stuff!  The van was stuffed to the brim.  But I'm glad we did it.  We don't see Josh and Leah as much as I'd like, so it was nice to spend time around them.  And it was good to be out in our tent again.  The last time was last Easter when our trip ended disastrously because both girls had fever's over 104.