Friday, June 13, 2008

last one

Okay, here's the last batch of photo's. It took Hannah a little while to get used to the float but once she did, she loved it. I've included one of the two guys we hung out with everyday. One of them ran the archery and the other one was a lifeguard. And the last one is the onset of a temper tantrum, they're pretty funny. Overall, we had a great time. We'll definitely look into it for our next vacation.


Every night there was a live show. First, all the kids would do a little routine, afterwards would be another performance which varied. We saw the Greek ballet Delphi, and a variety show.

Hannah really liked the shows, with all the lights and music. The photo of her sleeping happened after we let her stay up and watch the show. She was so tired that she feel asleep as soon as I laid her down to change her diaper!

and more......

The club provided live music every day. It wasn't that great but it was live, and Hannah loved it. David probably pulled her off the stairs 10 times that day. She loved walking to the bar and people loved seeing her walk around. We couldn't get two steps in one direction without an employee or another guest stopping to talk to hannah.

More Club Med

We did spend about half our time at the pool, because it was in close proximity to the bar. =) They also had a baby pool located near the baby club med. It was about two feet deep and very small. I took her there a couple of times but she actually seemed to do better in the big pool. Plus, in the little pool, I had to kind of squat to get Hannah in the water.

Why 2

Here we are taking advantage of the archery. I didn't do too bad. I actually hit the target with two arrows!! And according to the guy running it, David was better than most of of the guests he had seen. There's also some pictures of our beach time. Going to the beach was easier with Hannah than the pool because the sand made it harder for her to walk away from us!

Why everyone should go to a Club Med

For everyone who thinks a cruise is the way to go, you should look at a Club Med for your next vacation. It's very similar to a cruise, you pay for everything up front and it's all inclusive. There's no tipping, so really, the only money you'll spend once you get there are on things you want to buy as souvenirs or gifts. There offer numerous sporting activities to keep children and adults happy. Our particular resort has tennis, skating, archery, climbing, sailing, a circus area, and an excursion center. Everything except the excursion center was included in your package.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Last city on the Amalfi coast. It still amazes when I see something and can say "It looks just like the photo's of it." I don't quite know what I expect it to look like, but it amazes me when it does. Salerno is like that. Take any picture of the Amalfi coast and that's exactly what Salerno looks like. The only exception would be that Salerno is not very touristy like some of the other cities on the Amalfi coast are. It's home to a lot of boats, David and I walked around and daydreamed. It's a quiet, little fishing city built into the cliffs that make up the coastline. We ate dinner there and concluded that the food isn't all that different than anywhere else in Italy. The sauces are different throughout Italy, as well as their specialities but other than that it's not remarkable better in one region than another. We both had pizza's because they're supposed to be the best in that area, and they were delicious but all pizza in Italy is delicious. America just doesn't hold a candle to Italian pizza. The small difference we both noticed is that the mozzarella down south is different than what we eat here.


So here's a couple photo's from our trip to Pompeii. It was really neat. We only wandered around for about an hour and a half because we got there right before closing time. Then we managed to get lost trying to find our way out. These pictures aren't the best because I had to take them with my camcorder. The batteries in my camera died right after we got there. This first picture on the left is really interesting though. I thought I had a better one but I guess not. When they started to uncover the ruins in the late 1700's they found large voids in the ground that contained human bone. They realized the void once held a human, the one's the volcanic eruption had killed. So they injected the void with plaster, and were able to see the people, in a sense. From the plaster casts, one can see the terror frozen on the victim's face. You could clearly distinguish a bathroom, from a kitchen even still. And it was much larger than I imagined.

The Mall

The Mall is a giant outlet store located in the outskirts of Florence. Located there are high end Italian brands, such as Gucci, Prada, Armani and Valentino. I've known about The Mall for a long time, I've just never had the oppurtunity to go there; and I am so sorry that I waited until right before we're leaving to go! It's wonderful. Italian name brands are much cheaper here than in the states but most people think they're going to come here and get a big Gucci bag for $100. That's not the case though. However, at The Mall, it's totally possible! David won't let me tell everyone what he got, but I can say that he purchased more things than I did!