Thursday, June 11, 2015

Heard Over the Years: David

*This post will continually be updated*

There was this one time, in Afghanistan, they kicked in a door to find a large bull staring at his team.

One time, while in assembly for the police department, David's taser had an accidental discharge, right into the tile floor.  

One time, David pulled over an elderly gentleman, with a young woman in the passenger seat.  A search of the car revealed a couple of black lights, a floor lamp, glitter and ping pong balls balls!  There was a good time coming!

One time, David had arrested a person and dropped his keys down a storm drain.  This was complicated by the fact that he was by himself and had the suspect in handcuffs.  So he couldn't let go of the suspect.  He had to call two more officers to respond: one to hold the suspect and one to help him move the storm drain.  

A few times, David removed the license plate of a vehicle with his keys.  Very time consuming and less dramatic.  He soon began carrying a small screw driver.

I received these texts in Sunday School; David is in Afghanistan, sending me these texts.

I literally laughed out loud in the middle of Sunday School.

My sister, Casey, calls David unintentionally funny.  He is unintentionally hilarious.

Friday, June 5, 2015

When your 8 year old asks

for sushi for dinner, you supply sushi for dinner.

For Hannah and I.  Riley also sampled two pieces of fish.  

This was for Riley and Joshua, though Hannah and I enjoyed some. 

We all had a little of this too.  

I am thrilled my kids are such adventurous eaters! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

My Morning

     This morning Joshua was up bright and early.  He is my early riser and is normally up by 630 or 7.  This morning he was up before 6.  I try and get up early enough to write in my prayer journal and have one cup of coffee before any kids wake up.  However, when he's up before 6, it makes it awful hard for me to do that.
     So he's up, and were hanging out.  He's eating breakfast, I'm doing some online banking.  Riley is up by 7 and then we all move to the kitchen table to have breakfast.  Note this is Joshua's second breakfast.  This is a normal occurrence.  As we're sitting at the table, having our cereal, Riley starts crying.  When I ask why, she say's "because my nose is running!"  My daughter was crying over her breakfast because her nose was running.  A day that starts this way has to be good one, right!??!