Saturday, February 14, 2009

How I spent my Valentines Day

Picking out David's off duty handgun. That's right, we spent the good portion of Valentines Day in a firing range so that I could convey to David which handgun I felt the most comfortable with. For those of you curious, it was the Springfield XD 40 but it's a little bigger than David wants to have for concealment purposes so he's going to go with the XD sub compact, which is alright. Much better than the glock compact I shot. It wasn't bad though. I like shooting with David, because he teaches me how to shoot better. There are two pictures of our target on here, David's shots are in the head, mine are all in the chest. I hope everyone else had just as much fun on their Valentines Day as I did!

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The Zellers said...

awww---how romantic...I am sure ya'll had fun! Rick says nice choice BTW!!