Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday

Easter was a good day.  It started out a little hectic though.  I had three objectives on Easter Sunday: church, to let Hannah hunt eggs with Ethan and Vivian, and to get Hannah to all her Easter baskets.  Mission accomplished!  We made it to the early service at church.  David showed up midway through service, unexpectedly.  Hannah hunted eggs in Sunday School.  Then we stopped by my grandma's for a little bit.  It was a last minute decision to do it, so we didn't get to stay as long as I would've liked but we had plans to be at Michelle's for lunch, and let the girls hunt eggs.  So we left there and headed out to Michelle's.  The girls had a blast.  It's so funny to watch them together.  We headed to my mom's at 5, after a quick stop by our neighbor's house who had also prepared a little basket for Banana.  At mom's, Ethan and Hannah looked for eggs and played outside.  We had dinner there, then finally headed home and all crashed.  Hannah started her day with a cliff bar, thankfully.  It was the only nutritious thing she had all day!
Hannah looking for eggs at Michelle's

Vivian chowing down on a candy bracelet

Logan, in his cute hat

Playing in the pool

I know there's a handle in this pic, but I think Vivian's looks so cute, it's almost a ballet pose

Ethan grabbing an egg

Hannah and Ethan

Ethan blowing bubbles

Mom and Casey looking at pictures

Attempt 5 at a posed picture

David finishing off his second solid chocolate bunny

Dixie really liked the eggs, she found 3

Art and David, The Handsome Men's Club


Susan said...

Great pictures! I guess you found your camera :)

grace said...

aw, so much cuteness! incidentally, i'm now reminded of how much i used to enjoy candy bracelets and will now be on the lookout for some! :)