Saturday, February 9, 2013

The underground art exhibit

Recently David and I met up with some friends to go caching.  They told us about one they had been waiting to go on, an underground art exhibit.  

Basically, you crawled into this storm drain, took a left into a smaller tunnel which  you crawled through for a few minutes then stood up in a small manhole entrance and signed the log book, which was the wall.  

These are the friends that went with us.  David went down with them first, and I stayed up top with Riley and Hannah.  At first Hannah didn't want to go but I think the two girls here inspired her.  

Because when David emerged, she had decided she wanted to go.  So back in he went with her.  After a few minutes, I decided to leave Riley with our friends and go check out the art exhibit.  

I am so proud of Hannah for trekking through the dark and wet tunnel.  It had rained a few days early, which is why it was so wet.  Once we made our left turn, it wasn't wet.  But it was cool, damp and it didn't smell so good.  

We made it!  And signed all our names.  The small tunnel was longer than I would've guessed.  I had to crawl in a squat position for maybe 5 minutes.  Hannah had a serious advantage, being so short.  She didn't have to squat.  She was so excited, she kept speeding ahead, which was only problematic because she had the light!  And it was so dark!

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