Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hannah and Ethan: Reunited

Hannah's cousin, Ethan, came out to NC over the summer to visit his dad.  While he was here, we got spend some time with him.  I was thrilled to see Ethan but I was even more thrilled to see Hannah and Ethan together.  

Leaving vacation bible school.  

Chaos in the back seat of a Passat.  

Putting some lego's together. 

This was a very interesting conversation between the two.  

It went like this.
Ethan: We don't have to follow the instructions.
Hannah: Um, I think it's better if we do.
Me: Hannah's kind of a rule follower.
Ethan: I'm a rule breaker!
Me: {Laughing} Oh, I know!  

Here are Hannah, Ethan and Riley playing Elefun.  

I was really proud of how well Hannah and Ethan played with Riley.  They didn't leave her out at all. 

Of course, sometimes this meant playing like Riley was a monster and running from her.  But Riley was having fun and laughing right along so how was I to stop it.  

They started out on the floor.  In the morning, I found them like this.  

Morning wake up time.  

There were no extra special moments.  Just regular moments between the kids.  But that's what was special.  It's been a year since the kids have seen each other.  I loved that they were able to pick up, like it had only been a week since they had seen each other.  Unfortunately, it might be another year before we see him.  

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