Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Most anyone who has spent time around me can tell you that I don't have a lot of idle time.  I'm not sure how my plate gets so full, it just does!  So here are some of my current projects:

These are the kitchen table and chairs.  The small, red chairs are ones my dad gave me last year that he found cleaning out an old house.  The other chair and table were left in the home by the previous owner.  I asked if they would leave them for us, since our table will no longer work for our family of 5, and they did.  
Last week, my girl friend Michelle gave me some paint and I decided to paint.  I decided the table should be white and the chairs should be multicolor.  

Hannah got in on the painting fun!  Her she is painting her chair.  

I also started repainting the bathroom.  It's called Bathe Blue.  

And since I had that high gloss white out, I decided to touch up some other things, like this cabinet door.  And some trim and baseboards.  I almost got a little carried away "touching up" stuff.  

Finished photo's coming soon!  
 I have missed having my own home SO MUCH!!!!!

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