Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Heard Today: Hannah

Hannah made a family coat of arms.  She was telling me what each of the symbols mean.  Then she asked if I thought that sounded like our family.  Then she said "I was going to put stubborn but I don't think they have a symbol for that."

Hannah completed 2.  She prefers the lower one.  

Without any further delay, here is our Coat of Arms, as designed by Hannah.

The blue stands for loyalty and truthfulness.
Green stands for hope, joy and loyalty.
Dog stands for loyalty.
The lion stands for courage.
The cross stands for Christian sentiments.
The sun stands for glory.  

I'll take that.  


Anonymous said...

Great job, Hannah! Both versions really look good and stand for good things. Looking for stubborn? Adage: Stubborn as a mule.

Papa Bob

Susan said...

Love it!