Sunday, April 26, 2015

Southern Dance Xtreme

About a month ago, Hannah tried to for the competition dance team at her dance studio.  We've bene talking about it for about a year now.  It started at her recital last year, I told her to watch the different teams perform so that she could tell me what kind of dancing she would like to try.  She really enjoyed the competition team's performances.

At the beginning of the school year, I inquired about the dance team.  I wanted to know if Hannah had a shot, should I encourage her to try out or should I redirect her.  I also wanted more information on the team itself.  I learned that it was a very big time commitment and financial commitment.  I didn't have a problem with it, I just needed to make are that sure Hannah was ready for that kind of commitment.  So we spent months talking about it.  Not all the time, but I'd bring it up a couple times a month.  She was not quick to answer whether she was ready, which I thought was mature for her.  However, come the beginning of this year, she said she wanted to try out.  Before David left, both of us went to Hannah's teacher and talked with her about Hannah trying out.  She encouraged it; she said that Hannah enjoyed dance and was focused during class.  Based on that, she felt like Hannah would be a good addition to their dance team.

The day of the audition was two weeks after David left.  Hannah was nervous, and I just kept telling her how proud I was that she was trying out.  I reminded her that it took a lot of courage to try out for something.  She ran out of her auditions, when it was over, and was so proud of herself.  She said she felt so good about her try outs, and that her kicks were better than the other girls.  What more could I ask for than for her to simply be proud of herself!  This past week, the highly anticipated letter arrived:

She's very excited.  And I'm pretty excited too.  Her first competition won't happen until next year, which I'm happy with, since there's a good chance David won't miss them.  


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Hannah!! Good for you for trying out. Congratulations on being selected to join the team. Good luck... have fun!

Papa Bob

Amoon said...

WOW! You worked hard and stayed focused, Hannah, and that is how we bring about many of the things we desire. Now you get to learn so much more about something you enjoy doing!!! Love, Gramma