Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Here, there and everywhere

Here's some more random:

This picture (which I love) was taken at Leah's house in Maryland last September.  Here is Joshua, mimicking the doggies.  

Riley got wheels!!!  She'd been struggling to ride a bike for 2 years now.  After a lot of research, Davi came across this.  

It's a buddy bike.  And Miss Riley can do it, all by herself.  Which makes her so happy!  

Some family roller skating.  

David and Hannah.  This was the birthday party of one of Hannah's dance team members.  Therefore, she didn't so much skating with dad, much to his dismay.  

Riley and Joshua.  These two: nothing but love or nothing but anger.  

Joshua got a big guy haircut.  And I became a little saddened at my last baby not so much a baby anymore.  

Riley and Joshua at dance.  She's such a goof ball.  

Thanksgiving dinner, provided to the Fayetteville Police Department.  

A blood cell experiment.  

Finally, Riley in her Christmas parade with her preschool class.  

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