Saturday, March 22, 2008

Anxiously awaiting spring

So the weather is here is gorgeous! It's been in the 60's and sunny the last week. So of course we all have spring fever here. We've been going on walks, runs, and bike rides. Matter of fact, David told me the other day that I'm almost to the point where I'm running fast enough to not hurt his knees!!!! That's right, David has to work so hard to slow down to my pace, that it actually hurts his knees. But that's alright, I'm still proud of myself, I've knocked 3 mins off my total 3 mile time in my last two runs. The last two days David and I have been trying to simplify our lives and make this whole international moving process easier. I'm down to 6 pairs of shoes!!!! Trust me, that's an accomplishment. This morning we went through all of David's stuff and seperated all of it into the "keep pile" and the "issued pile." Hannah decided to help! Tomorrow we're going over to Michelle and Vivian's house for an Easter dinner, so I'm sure I'll have more to post tomorrow. Ciao ciao.

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