Monday, March 31, 2008

Just a typical Italian weekend

Well this weekend was fun.  Saturday David and I went to a winery in Soave.  When we came home we went for a bike ride into the hills.  However, I had not anticipated how difficult riding in the hills with 20 extra pounds that move would be!  So we didn't make it that far into the hills but it was still a very nice ride.  I also took her to the swing set behind our house.  She's still a little too small for it but as long as I push slow, she's fine.  And she loved it!  She did  not stop laughing.  She kept letting go of the bar and lose her balance and back in the swing.  It made me nervous but she obviously enjoyed it since she did it repeatedly.  We're going to start walking over there more often.  Yesterday, another gorgeous day so we spent all day outside.  Hannah tasted bird poop, a couple wood chips and some berries.  She didn't get a chance to swallow any of it though.  Yesterday evening David and I sat out front with a bottle of wine and enjoyed the sun while Hannah hung out with the neighbors.

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