Sunday, April 20, 2008

A swing of her own

Last weekend David and I, and Hannah, went out and got the rest of her birthday presents. Just a couple of little things, and the one thing we set out to find........a backyard swing for her. Yes, we do have that one behind our house that works just fine. However, that may not be the case at our next home. Furthermore, David and I love nothing more than hanging out back around our patio table; whether it be enjoying some food or sitting with a bottle of wine. The position of the swing, which we had to put up immediately, allows us to do all of this and still push/entertain Hannah. She loved it, and so far we've been able to put her in it everyday, well those days that it hasn't been raining. And it has been doing an awful lot of that. April has definately brought Vicenza rain. The same day we put up Hannah's swing, we also put a floral addition around the olive tree in our front yard. I think it looks really good, it was David's idea. And of course, Hannah helped with that!

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