Saturday, June 7, 2008


So here's a couple photo's from our trip to Pompeii. It was really neat. We only wandered around for about an hour and a half because we got there right before closing time. Then we managed to get lost trying to find our way out. These pictures aren't the best because I had to take them with my camcorder. The batteries in my camera died right after we got there. This first picture on the left is really interesting though. I thought I had a better one but I guess not. When they started to uncover the ruins in the late 1700's they found large voids in the ground that contained human bone. They realized the void once held a human, the one's the volcanic eruption had killed. So they injected the void with plaster, and were able to see the people, in a sense. From the plaster casts, one can see the terror frozen on the victim's face. You could clearly distinguish a bathroom, from a kitchen even still. And it was much larger than I imagined.

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The Zellers said...

this place looks amazing!