Saturday, June 7, 2008


Last city on the Amalfi coast. It still amazes when I see something and can say "It looks just like the photo's of it." I don't quite know what I expect it to look like, but it amazes me when it does. Salerno is like that. Take any picture of the Amalfi coast and that's exactly what Salerno looks like. The only exception would be that Salerno is not very touristy like some of the other cities on the Amalfi coast are. It's home to a lot of boats, David and I walked around and daydreamed. It's a quiet, little fishing city built into the cliffs that make up the coastline. We ate dinner there and concluded that the food isn't all that different than anywhere else in Italy. The sauces are different throughout Italy, as well as their specialities but other than that it's not remarkable better in one region than another. We both had pizza's because they're supposed to be the best in that area, and they were delicious but all pizza in Italy is delicious. America just doesn't hold a candle to Italian pizza. The small difference we both noticed is that the mozzarella down south is different than what we eat here.

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