Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm back...........for now

Well let's see, on October 1st, David and I moved into a rental house. It's only 3 streets down from Amy and Tom, David's mom and her husband. It's exactly 1/4 mile away, which makes it incredibly convenient for all of us. Hannah and I just take a little stroll when we need to go over there. It all happened really fast, which is why most people didn't know about it. I found the listing, looked at the house, and signed the lease 4 days later. David didn't see it until a week later! Things have been very hectic since then, between school, moving, and Hannah. The two pictures of Hannah were taken last month. The last picture is one David sent the first or second week of driving. If you look closely at the back stack, you can see that it's shifted to the left of all the other stacks. This is one of the many exciting things David's had happen since he started driving. So to answer everyone's questions, yes, David is enjoying truck driving very much. So far he's been to Oklahoma, Nebraska, Michigan, Iowa, Maine, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Tennessee, and I think I'm missing one or two.

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The Zellers said...

I am so glad to hear ya'll are doing great! Love the house, looks like a great sized I am not envious of the mowing!!! ;)