Saturday, November 22, 2008

Playtime at Barnes and Nobles

For the last week or so the weather here has been pretty crappy; rainy, windy, cloudy and just plain cold! And Hannah has been hanging onto a cold for about two weeks, so between the weather and her cold she hasn't been outside much and she's starting to get a TAD restless. There are no indoor play areas around here so today I decided to take her to Barnes and Nobles to play in the kid section. We went after lunch. I got a coffee and sat down with some math problems and let her go to town on the train set, which she loves! It turned out to be a great outing. There were some other kids there for her to interact and I didn't get a lot of studying done, but I did get some done. We stayed for about an hour, then rounded up our stuff and headed home. We actually had such a good time, that I'm planning on doing it again. Who knew that Barnes and Nobles was so functional!

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