Friday, May 22, 2009

We're closing

On June 1st, 2009 at 1215, David and I will sign the closing paperwork on our first home. We've been back from Italy for 11 months on that day, and with the exception of our 3 month rental in Carbondale, we lived with other people. There are boxes still sealed from Italy. And the best part about the upcoming unpacking party is that we aren't going to be packing our stuff up again anytime soon! We've been looking for a home since February and it became a little discouraging about a month ago. We were beginning to think we weren't going to find anything acceptable in our price range. And the house we settled on almost didn't happen. Fortunately for us, the sellers really liked David and me! It's a perfect starter home for us. We know it's not our forever home though. Hannah and I will be able to walk to the local library for story time and the local park. There's also a very nice running track that loops around the park. The funny thing is that it's not an area that we were looking in very hard, it was actually the last house I looked at on that particular day. David wasn't even with me. I was standing in line at the grocery store when our realtor called to tell me that there were two offers on the house, which had only been on the market for 1 week. That's when I started to panic. I couldn't lock us into placing on offer on a home that my husband hadn't even seen, even though I knew it my heart it was a great deal. So David and I do some jumping through hoops, and go back out to look at the house at 730 that night. Thankfully, David liked it as much as I did. We talked to the sellers for a few minutes, told them it was our daughter's birthday, and the wife gave us a stuffed animal to pass on to Hannah, which we tried not to let get our hopes up. We met at 930 the next morning to draw up our offer. This was the day of Hannah's birthday party. At 1 pm our realtor called and asked if I was sitting down. She calmly told me to sit and said "Congratulations, your just bought your first home. Now you can jump up." The sellers had three offers to choose from, and they chose ours. I found out later, while I was there for the home inspection, that they indeed liked David and me. The wife commented that she was happy to see the home go to such a nice young couple. And that is the story of our home. We can't wait to move in, it can't come fast enough and soon enough I'll send lots of pictures. Thank you all for the well wishes, prayers and thoughts. Things are rolling right along, and I know God is taking care of us, which is such a comforting feeling.


Dana said...

Yay Sam! I'm so happy for you two! Jericho and I will come take a tour and be your first houseguests : )

The Zellers said...

that is beyond exciting!!! I can't wait to see it!!

Susan said...

Congratulations! You guys deserve it :)