Sunday, August 9, 2009

Garden Hannah

Here's some photo's of Hannah continuing the Davis legacy of gardening. We're starting her out young in hopes that when she's older she'll still want to do all the stuff that isn't so much fun! There's Hannah on the gardening cart. This was when we were still out at my dad's, and we were planting a small section of veggies in my dad's garden. The two of my dad and her were taken last night. They hoarded a watermelon all to themselves. They busted it open and ate the heart of it, leaving the rest for the birds. Finally, there are two of David and Hannah shelling peas about a week ago. She was adamant on helping, so we let her. Letting her help was worth the loss of a couple peas!

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Susan said...

Lem goes out and picks tomatoes by himself now. He also bit into a jalopeno, hilarious for us, not so much for him.
You should check out a blog I follow, Blue Schoolhouse Farm.