Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Okay, I can't get the photo's in the right order! Ugh, I have the hardest time formatting my posts on here, it's really starting ot bug me. Oh well. So Sunday David and I drove to the beach for the night, without Hannah. It was much harder on me than her, but David and I had a great time. While we were gone, she kept looking at my mom and randomly saying "My daddy's a cop." So David and I decided we would take her to Build A Bear so she could build a cop bear. On Tuesday night, we did just that. Hannah was so funny. You'll notice that our cop bear is camo print. We took Hannah in and told her to pick out whatever animal she wanted and she immediately pointed to the camo bear. Well, as David pointed out to me, the camo bear would look a little funny in a cop uniform. So David tried to get Hannah to get another one, subtlety of course! He walked her up and down her options a couple times pointing out other ones, asking her if she wanted that one instead. Nothing. He finally relented, realizing that the one she wanted was the camo one. The stuffing machine and the washing machine intimidated Hannah a little but once David showed her how it worked, she was fine. It was a small process to herd her past teh strollers, skirts, shoes and etc for the bears. I told David that Sarge, the cop bear, may be unisex as I may buy girly stuff for him for Hannah at christmas. She really liked the tutu's! As we were standing in line to pay, I saw her rubbing the badge on his chest, she looked up and me and said "That's his badge."

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Michelle in Italy said...

Good to know that Hannah still has some Army Brat in her.