Saturday, October 24, 2009

Playing Catch Up

A couple of days ago I posted the video of Hannah dancing. That video was taken last Saturday at my friend Amanda's wedding. Amanda and Kory, the couple that got married, are high school sweet hearts. I've known both of them since my high school days. Kory sat right beside me in Geometry class and Amanda was the only bright spot out of a horrible relationship I found myself in. I dumped him and kept her! Amanda was also a bridesmaid in my wedding. She was the tall one! When we first moved back to NC, when Hannah was 18 months old, we were all hanging out together and Amanda asked me if I thought Hannah was too young to be a flower girl. At the time, I said yeah, I think she might be. Fast forward to Amanda and Kory's engagement party, right after Hannah's 2nd birthday. Hannah was being Hannah. She's very comfortable around people as long as someone she trusts is around. So she was running around around, chatting it up with everyone. SItting in everyone's lap, helping herself to snacks. Amanda's asks again, and this time my answer is different. I think she can. So with very little training, and one long talk, she walked down that aisle, holding hands with the ring bearer. It was so precious. She did not throw any petals, and she did not hang out with the bridesmaids. However, Ethan was there and she really wanted to go play with him. Overall, she did great! Everyone, and I mean everyone, had something positive to say about her. Most people commented that she was the youngest flower girl they had ever seen and that she had done so well. Then the DJ came in, and that's where the video comes in. My little Hannah danced and danced, for hours. During the toast, she had to be barricaded by chairs to keep her off the dance floor while the dads were speaking. She danced with everyone, and really didn't want to dance with mommie. She had so much fun. And everyone was so accepting of her running around on the dance, it was great.

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