Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Bedtime Battle

is not the norm.  Hannah goes to bed like a champ, promptly at 730, on most nights.  She doesn't put up a big fight.  We have a nice routine, she brushes her teeth, then we change her and then David and I read 1 to 2 stories before tucking her in.  Recently, a small battle over bedtime has begun.  And it is over how many books Hannah may take to bed with her.  If Hannah had it her way, she take so many books into bed that there wouldn't be any room left for her.  This is so that Hannah may read them after we leave the room, which she does.  Sometimes David and I hear her reading to herself an hour after we've tucked her in!  So we've limited her to three, which she sometimes doesn't want to do.  And that, is our bedtime battle.

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Susan said...

We have that battle too -- there's always one more book he wants us to read.