Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Santa's Visit

Christmas morning.  I woke up before everyone else, made myself a cup of coffee and did my usual morning routine until Hannah woke up.  I was positioned on the couch so that I could see her coming down the hallway, before she had a chance to see anything.  We had her "big" Santa gift setting out, with paper Santa footprints leading up to it.  I didn't want her to see any of this before everyone else could get up and enjoy her finding it all.  So I ran up to her and we woke everyone up so the day could begin.  She was so cute.  Santa left her a new baby stroller, a new outfit for her Build A Bear, a kitchen and some other stuff to go with the kitchen.  She followed Santa's footprints to her kitchen/stroller and immediately noticed the stroller.  She giggled and started pushing it around.  She did this for 5+ minutes, without realizing the kitchen sitting there as well.  While she was in the kitchen, and couldn't see us, David placed her coffee pot on the burner, which makes a percolating sound.  Then she noticed the kitchen.  She squealed, and said "My Kitchen!"  It was the best.  It's the moments that being a parent are made of.  All day long she cooked and made coffee for all of us.  Other gifts included make up and nail polish, a purse, a tee ball set, books, a baby doll, kitchen stuff.  The make up came from David and I, mostly I.  I know many of you may wonder why I got her make up.  It's because she always wants to play with mine!  Plus, if I give it to her now, it's not big deal to her later in life.  It's something she's been exposed to already, and been allowed to experience.  And she likes to put make up on other people.  I watch her, she understands where it is appropriate to put on her make up (not on the couch) and when she paints her toe nails/my toe nails, she places paper below our feet.  And I have no idea why the pictures are spread out as far as they are, sometimes blogger really drives me nuts!

Pulling out her gifts

Her Tee Ball set from Grandpa Bob

Applying make up to her face

Mommies new look by Hannah

Painting my toes

The finished product

Making everyone some coffee

Yep, she's all girl!  Decked out in her dancing dress, dancing shoes, and new feather boa and gloves.  Hey Karen, recognize that stuffed animal?

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Karen said...

Is that the stuffed animal I bought in Rome before Hannah was even born????