Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A blur of the last 3 weeks

Here's some pictures from our trip to Douglasville, visiting David's dad.  It was a nice trip, with nothing planned.  Here's Rossi at the dog park.

More playing

Hannah, on her favorite piece of playground equipment

Playing in the pool in the backyard

Cooling off grandpa

I guess she got a little thirty!

We found this ice cream parlor that gives free cones to kids and dogs so of course we had to go.  I thought Rossi would go straight for the dog bone but that was the last thing he wanted.  He didn't even look at the dog bone until every last lick of his ice cream was gone.  


Leah said...

I love Hannah cooling off Grandpa, so cute!

grace said...

i had a pool like that when i was a tyke, but mine didn't have the handy fountain. note to self: do NOT pee in the pool. :)