Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Camp

It's been a quiet 2 weeks.  That's because Hannah has been in the YMCA's preschool for the last two weeks.  I knew she'd enjoy it, and have fun but honestly, I expected her to have some separation anxiety.  I told myself that the morning she woke and told me she didn't want to go, that I wouldn't make her go.  She doesn't have to go, I'm only doing this for her experience and enjoyment.  Only that hasn't happened yet.  When I turn on the street where the Y is, and she can see it, she starts clapping and saying "there it is, there it is!"  She has no problem saying good bye to me, and is always happy to see me.  On the short drive home she excitedly tells me about her day.  She's bringing home homemade items frequently.  I am so happy with my decision to do this for her.  Yesterday they went on a field trip to Festival Park.  Hannah told me that Ms. Pat (one of her teachers) told them to run, run, run.  She also told me about the girl in the red dress who was her friend.  They both sat in the back of the van together on the way to the park.  Every week is themed.  The first week was a disney theme, this week is a 4th of july theme, next week is under the sea themed.  On Thursday, I get a lesson plan for the following week.  Every Tuesday they go on a field trip and every Friday they go swimming.  They've gone to the other YMCA location for a Zumba class.  They did tumbling one day.  They had a dress up parade.  I can't say enough good things about it.  Best of all, I am comforted at the thought of her being there.  I believe her teachers are taking good care of my baby.

The Disney Week Parade.  The class painted the castle.

Belle Hannah, with her friends, Sierra and Samantha, beside her.

Her first "incident"

They called last week to tell us that Hannah fell and hit her head.  Since it was a head injury, they wanted us to come take a look at it.  It was already after 11, and camp is over at 1230, so we decided to just go pick her up.  When we got there, Hannah was sitting in the director's lap with an ice pack so large on her head that you couldn't see her face!  They explained that she had been running and tripped and hit her head on the asphalt.  There was a little boy running behind her, that tripped when she did and fell on her.  They said she was so brave, that she didn't even cry!  My big girl!  

Red, white and blue themed outfit for their field trip this week.

I do see small changes in Hannah since starting summer camp.  She's a little more clingy for me.  Since I've noticed this, I've started to dedicate more one on one time with her.  Also, she's getting a little more bossy; surprise, surprise!  She says things like "Follow me, let's walk in a line!"  She is a product of her mother though.  I can't help but think about my grandma telling me about my time in kindergarten, when I would take over the teacher's desk and ruler when the teacher left the room.  


grace said...

a faceplant, eh? a nosedive? those are never enjoyable, unless a pool just so happens to be where one lands. glad she's all right. :)
and wow--belle hannah is adorable!

The Zellers said...

awww...such a great expierence for her!! Loved her disney parade! J has been in some sort of "school" they call it Mothers Day Out around here since he was a bit younger than 2 and he has always loved every minute of it! I think its great for their social skills!