Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Growing Up

How can it be that I am already the mother of a preschooler.  I don't feel old enough to have a child in school.  I still feel not quite grown myself.  It's so strange.  I've been noticing it in slow, little moments.  Yesterday, I commented that I was surprised Hannah hadn't asked for pierced ears yet.  All she has to do is ask, and we'll take her.  Tonight, I went a Meet the Parents Night at Hannah's school.  This afternoon, while we were waiting in line to pick Hannah up, I watched her come out of school, and make her way through the kids sitting on the step and sit quasi in the middle.  I commented to David about how it was incredible to see her picking and choosing which kids she wanted to sit next to.  Then, tonight, while walking to her school for the Parents Night, another kid in a car yelled "hi Hannah" out the window.  Another one of those "wow" moments for me.  I'm so in love with my husband, who did not think he would be able to make it but at the last minute called to say that he was taking a half day.  He made it about 15 minutes late.  We weren't there much longer, after he showed up, but it's important to me that he made the effort to be there.  I'd rather us be there for 10 minutes than nothing at all.  In some ways, I'm sad.  She's growing up.  How much longer will I have those cuddle moments with her?  How much longer do I have until she wants nothing to do with me?  When will she bring home those dreaded homework assignments that I cannot help her with?  


Susan said...

Awww. Maybe you and Lem need to hang out together ;)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, in all regards :)

Grandpa Bob