Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An update on Sebastian

David calls him a hamster with personality.  He is certainly spunky.  Yesterday I had him out in the morning with me, before everyone woke up, and he jumped from the chair  into the Christmas tree, which was right behind the chair.  His noises have become louder and he definitely wants attention when we're in Hannah's room.  I have to say, I really like Sebastian.
Hiding in David's Uniform

This picture CRACKS ME UP!  He's
hiding in the headboard.

In his cage.  He runs laps.  I guess we're 
all runners in this family.

All the animals have met him.  Lucky doesn't care about him.
Rossi really wants to play with him.  Domino wants
to eat him.  

Standing up.

A couple days ago we saw him hopping.  We've all seen him jump from the bottom of his cage to the second part.  And like I mentioned early, he runs laps up, down and around his cage.  He's entertaining.  

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