Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow, the day after Christmas

I think mother nature forgot where we live!  As the weathermen predicted 6+ inches of snow, I laughed.  We don't get that much snow here.  Besides weathermen occasionally predict it, but it's rare that we actually get it.  So I didn't pay any attention to all that talk.  And laughed when I thought about the people running out to get last minute bread and milk.  Because that's what you do when they call for snow in the south - you panic.  As nature would have it, I was wrong.  It just so happens that we got over 6 inches.  I was all excited to take hannah out and make snow angels and snow cream and then come in and have hot chocolate.  I wanted to attempt my first snowman.  Hannah's been in snow a few times, and has always had fun.

Our backyard

Rossi in the snow.  He kept trying to eat it
as it was falling.  

She's perplexed by how to get the snow 
off her gloves.

This picture just makes me laugh!

I'm really not sure what's Hannah is
doing in this picture.


After he came home from a slow day at work, which he was so
happy for, he shoveled.  Bet he never thought he'd be shoveling
snow in Fayetteville!

She had a litte trouble figuring out how to walk in the snow.  It confused her and she kept trying to step over it rather than walk through it.  I made a snow angel but couldn't get Hannah to make one.  I also attempted a snow man, but having never made one, and not having anyone to assist, made it a goal I was not able to accomplish.  I couldn't get the second part of the snowman to form.  I later learned, from David, that I should've flattened the first ball out on the top.  Hannah lasted about 20  minutes outside.  Then she told me that her face was freezing. So we went inside and had hot chocolate with marshmallows.  I didn't get around to making the snow cream.  

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Michelle in Parkton said...

The snow was actually not that great for snowman making. So you didn't fail, it just took know how and determination to make one. I think the snow also wasn't snowman friendly until it warmed up some.