Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Girl

Remains unnamed right now.  I told David that he could pick out the name, right now he's leaning towards Riley.  According to Hannah, her name is Cinderella.  Yesterday, we were finally able to find out that it is a girl.  Everything else looks good, just as it should.  I've been feeling her move.  Almost everyday now, for about the last two weeks.  I'm really starting to get excited.  It's taken a little while.  I think partially because this is the second one and, unfortunately, there's just a little less excitement than there was with the first one.  We're slowly preparing for her.  We rearranged the bedrooms, giving the kids the smaller room to sleep in.  They're going to share a bedroom for now.  The bigger bedroom is going to be the playroom/guest room.  It's coming together nicely.  I kinda wish I had done it this way to begin with.  Nothing else really going on.  

I really like this picture.  Side profile shot.  

Those tiny things under the "Peace Daddy" is her two fingers.  


Susan said...

So excited for you!

Karen said...

wonderful news!!! you do realize you'll have to have another one...a boy to carry on the name! xxx