Thursday, February 3, 2011

A family of flu

Well I've got nothing better to do, so I figured I'd update on the circus here.  Saturday morning Hannah woke up with a fever.  I didn't check it, as mom I knew she was running a fever by simply touching her.  I gave her some motrin and it took the fever right down.  Hannah's friend Braylon, who I take to school with her, was out of school Thursday and Friday for a fever/virus deal, so I figured it might be the same thing.  Hannah played outside and around 2 pm came in and laid down on the recliner.  A few minutes later she said she was freezing.  I knew something was wrong immediately.  Hannah is the hottest Cernock ever, the girl never gets cold!  So I gave her some more motrin, and took her temp.  It was just over 103.  Over the course of the next 6 hours, David and I couldn't get her fever down.  Even with medicine, it wouldn't drop below 102.  So we packed her up and headed to the Emergency room.  After it was all said and done at the ER, they concluded she had a virus they had been seeing go around.  The doctor offered to do a strep test and a flu test but after discussing it with him, we opted out of those tests.  Neither the doctor, nor David and I did not think she had either one of those.  Her throat didn't hurt and the only symptoms she had was a high fever.  The next day I talked to Braylon's mom the next day, and Braylon's symptoms were identical.  He had been to the ER on Thursday night and tested negative for strep and the flu.  After talking to her, we felt even more confident that Hannah had this virus.  Sunday was rough.  Hannah didn't eat or drink anything!  She wasn't going to the bathroom.  We were getting ready to take her back to the ER for dehydration when she finally showed some interested in drinking.  We decided to see how she was in the morning, and take her to Pediatric office if necessary.  Monday comes, she's still running a fever but showing an interest in eating and drinking.  Then she starts complaining about neck pain.  Meanwhile, I've started to feel a little crappy.  I've slept all day and am thinking I've gotten the virus Hannah has.  So to the Peds office we go.  This was at 4.  After a small emergency at the Peds office, in which David the police officer stepped in to help, Hannah was tested for the flu.  It came back positive.  We were more than a little surprised and I was pretty freaked out.  See, I've never been tested for the flu but I normally have Hannah tested.  It was just laziness that had prevented her from being tested yet.  And in all honesty, the only thing that freaked my out was the fact that I was pregnant and probably would not be able to treat myself.  In short, I did have the flu.  And there was no way to treat it other than with regular, tablet, Tylenol.  I could take Tylenol Cold and Flu, except it has been recalled!  Four days later and we're starting to feel better.  Hannah was prescribed Tamiflu.  Her Dr. said that she wouldn't normally prescribe it to a small child but she thought it would help her get over it faster, and help my recovery.  Hannah started getting her energy back yesterday.  We're both going nuts from being stuck in the house.  I'm so ready to eat real food, I'm dreaming about cows.  I'm sending Hannah to school tomorrow and headed in to work.  I'm not all better, but I am feeling much better.  And I really need to get out of the house.  Plus, it's not doing me any good to stay home and try to recover with a 3 1/2 year old whose bouncing off the walls.  Lessons learned: do not forget to vaccinate your kids!  Even if you don't vaccinate yourself.  If I had vaccinated Hannah, she wouldn't have gotten the flu and brought it home to me!  

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