Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Parental Nightmare

Is what David and I experienced this weekend.  Wednesday morning, Hannah started running a fever.  Thursday night, her fever was 104.7, but she really didn't have any other symptoms.    Friday morning David and I took her in to her pediatric clinic to see if something was going on.  Four hours later, we got to leave.  It took us that long to get Hannah to pee in a cup.  I'm not sure what about peeing in a cup freaked her out but she refused to empty her bladder.  It took David tricking her, and getting peed on, in order to get a sample!  At the conclusion of the visit, the doctor said he thought it was something viral and that it just had to run it's course.  Later that evening, she's laying in our bed, watching a movie and I take her temperature.  I had given her a fever reducer but it didn't bring her fever down, so I was monitoring her fever.  At 1830, her fever hit 106.2  I was slightly in shock when I saw that number on the screen.  I've been seen anything that high.  I've never known anyone to get a fever that high.  David and I literally rushed her to the hospital, where she was taken back as soon as they took her temperature.  

Not a happy camper.

This is the big bear the nurses gave her when she was admitted.  

Aunt Casey brought her some stuff to "do her nails."

She looked so cute, in a very pitiful way, in her little hospital gown and iv.  

This is where I slept both nights we stayed at the hospital.  It was a pretty tight squeeze and Hannah man snored both nights.  

Upon admitting her, they were trying to determine whether the high fever was from a virus or an infection.  Her blood work was leaning more towards infection, so she was being tested for every infection known to man.  She had to have blood drawn every day, which was rough because they couldn't get a vein in her elbow.  So every time they drew blood, they had to prick her finger and squeeze enough blood out of it to fill the vial.  Hannah was released Sunday afternoon.  She had made enough small improvements for the doctors to feel good about releasing her.  The conclusion was that she had/has an infection, they just never located the spot of the infection.  She was given a strong, but general antibiotic Friday and Saturday to treat infection while the doctor's tried to figure out what was going on.  This is what lead to the small improvements we saw Saturday and Sunday.  

I swear, as soon as we got in the truck she perked up!  She was so ready to come home.  This morning, she asked for something to eat, for the first time in 5 days, so we continuing to make improvements.  She had a mild case of pink eye, a result of the infection, but that's passed as well. 

Hopefully, we won't be experiencing another incident like this anytime  soon!

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