Thursday, December 15, 2011

5 Months

5 months and a little more than a month after surgery.  Her cheeks are filling out and she's finally more than 10 lbs.  She was 10.2 two weeks ago.  In BIG news, she started rolling over.  Hannah witnessed it first.  The first time I saw it was on the 9th.  She doesn't need to be swaddled to sleep anymore and she seems more comfortable overall.  If you spent anytime around her, you were aware that she was very particular about her sleeping routine.  It seemed like she had a hard time getting comfortable.  Not anymore!  You can see this in the picture of her asleep, under the tree below.  She snoozes anywhere now!  She's grabbing toys and can get them in her mouth.  She's also laughing out loud.  Matter, I was singing to her last week and she started laughing out loud.  Great timing kiddo.  Next week, we're moving her out of our room.  We're going to put her in the playroom during transition.  When we get back from Chicago, we'll probably make the move to Hannah's room.  

Hannah is still an amazing big sister.  


Anonymous said...

Wonderful in every regard! Hannah... I wish I had YOU for my sister :)

Grandpa Bob

Marissa said...

Keep rolling and smiling! :) What a sweet angel.