Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cavalcade of Planes

Saturday we went to the Cavalcade of Planes at Clow International Airport in Bolingbrook.  
We got there early, before it opened and eventually go to go in early.  This meant that there wasn't any crowds.  Hannah climbed on a couple of planes and sat down in them, playing around.  She was able to take her time, since there wasn't any long lines behind her.  

She rode in the Ground Bound Plane with David.

We walked around for a couple of hours.  We went and looked at how affordable new planes are! ; )  We picked one out for ourselves.  We'll start taking donations for
birthday/christmas now.  

A guy with the private remote control airplane club.  David has always talked about flying remote control airplanes.  He spent about 15 minute talking to this guy.  And he's going to join their club.  They have a flying simulator, and I guess David did really good.  This guy approached him about joining the club based on his simulation.  

There was one downside: the President.  David and I were talking to the parachuters, because it is still a dream of ours to become certified, and he explained how we would have already seen jumps except that President Obama was in Chicago and as a result there were flight restrictions in place until he left the city!  We were able to see a few planes come in and land, but everything else had been delayed until the President left!  We were pretty bummed, more so because Hannah had already done everything and was starting to get a little antsy.  
So we headed home around noon.  We had a great time.  I am glad we got there so early, which allowed Hannah to take her time and really explore.  

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Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like a great adventure! The inability to see and/or participate in certain planned events because Obummer kind of broke the 'happy' spell. This guy is just a piece of trash that needs to be tossed out.

Grandpa Bob