Monday, June 11, 2012

A short stop

Towards the end of last week, David worked a few night shifts in a row, which meant we had the days to spend together.  On Wednesday, we headed to the zoo and ended up spending all day there with the girls.  We took Hannah to see her first Dolphin Show.  Personally speaking, we're not a fan of dolphin shows after watching The Cove, but we did believe that Hannah would enjoy it and we didn't want to deprive her of seeing it.  And she loved it.  After a day at the zoo, we stopped by Oberweis Dairy for some ice cream, which was yummy.  I had blueberry pie ice cream, David had key lime pie ice cream (which was SO good) and Hannah had her staple mint chocolate.  Then we headed to Grandma Cernock's house for a short visit before heading out to a boy scouts picnic.  Grandma and Hannah love to read stories together.  It's a perfect set up, Hannah loves to be read to and Grandma loves to read.  

And the whole point of this post: to share these two pictures. 

It was a picture perfect moment.  (except I cut off grandma's feet!)

And Riley, sleepily sucking away on her fingers.  

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