Monday, November 5, 2012


She started here.  This started 3 or 4 days ago.  

Hannah was, and still is, more cautious, even timid at times.  Not like this.

She's so happy with herself! 

Today we did this.  

And eventually made it all the way up the stairs.  

The stairs are a great place for her to play. While most moms fear stairs and babies, we encourage Riley to play there.  Babies are aware that there is a lack of support.  For Riley, this encourages her to do it herself.  She works on the "sit to stand" movement which is an area that needs a lot of improvement.  It also encourages her to pull herself up, another area that needs a lot of improvement.  
Of course, now that's she made it too the top, and knows she can, we'll have to supervise her like crazy.  As good as the stairs are, the thought or her tumbling down is terrifying!  

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Susan said...

That's a great workout!