Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We survived

Roller skating with kids.
This is the day before.  You might be surprised to know that at one time, David was quite fancy on roller skates.  So he broke out his old skates to "stretch them out." That was his quote, not mine.  

Here we are, at the skating rink on Sunday.  We got there as soon as they opened.  

Practicing with Ryan.  We put Hannah in regular skates at first.  

After about 30 minutes, and some discouraging falls, we went to the plastic skates that go over your shoes.  She kept trying, even after one hard fall in which I think she jammed her elbow.  

We went roller skating to celebrate Iris' birthday.  That's Iris in the pink, with her dad.  Her mom and brother are next to her.  It was quite experience.  There was definitely some "Mommy, I don't want to skate anymore!" Which was followed by a "Too bad, let's go again!"  

Logan, Iris' brother, crashed into the wall so hard one time that his glasses went flying and he got himself a pretty big knot on his forehead.  Yet, they all skated still.  

Riley was beyond ticked off that she could not be out there with everyone else.  Ryan would skate around on the carpet with her a little but she seemed to lose interest in that after awhile.  All she wanted was to be where all the other kids were.  

I don't think I've ever seen David so patient with Hannah.  At least, positive patience.  

My big crash involved Rebecca.  We feel together, and I landed on top of her.  No really, ON TOP OF HER.  My butt was on her hips.  A little kid maneuvered in front of me and I tried going around and Rebecca was responding to me moving.  It was just a big mess.  That resulted in us both on the floor.  Although, it wasn't so painful for me.  ; )

Iris went through every type of skate option the rink had, multiple times.  But we all kept trying, through forceful means at times.  

I'd say Hannah got the hang of it.  She kept trying and by the end of the afternoon, she laughed when she fell.  She got smoother, gliding more.  Most importantly, she wanted to keep trying. 

The next day, Hannah complained about her thighs being sore.  
There's a slow rollers time at our skating rink every Saturday afternoon.  David and Hannah are going to start making a date of it.  At least once a month.  Maybe she'll surpass her dad's talents!  

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