Thursday, January 23, 2014

New haves

This cookbook, which I've been eyeing for over a year.  I finally just broke down and bought it.  

It's awesome!  It's all vegetarian recipes, however you could easily add meat to any of the recipes.  The recipes are all easy, with ingredients that can be found at most grocery stores.  I made baked beans the other night, it was a tart and tangy baked bean recipe which called for tomatoes and tart apples.  I didn't have tart apples but the recipe was fantastic.  

The Hunger Games Trilogy

I know, I'm really behind on this series but when I read what the books were about I couldn't bring myself to read them.  I mean, how can a game where kids have to kill each other off be something I want to read?!?!  
Then a few weeks ago, Casey (my sister) finally watched the first movie and raved about it.  She told me I had to watch it.  So one night David and I watched it.  When I told David what it was about, he had the same impression I did.  I didn't think he'd want to watch the movie.  We still tried it out though.  I fell asleep early in the movie and when David woke me up after it ended, he said I had to watch it because it was really good.  
So the next night, I watched it is really good!  While the story revolves around this game, the books themselves tell a much bigger story and the few scenes that involve someone dying are so mild and brief.  It's hard to explain.  After watching the first movie, I had to read the books, so I borrowed them from Becca. 
It took me 24 hours to go through the first two books.  I would've finished the last book that fast as well, except my father law in came for a visit and I wasn't reading it as fast.  Ya know how every once in awhile you read those books that you simply cannot put down because you are driven to find out what happens?  That's what this series is.  
Of course, I finished this really awesome series and I want to read something, I want another book to capture my attention like The Hunger Games.  A lot of books don't grab my that intensely though.  Some do, and I still enjoy all the books I read, even if they don't grab my attention that much.  But I want another book that I simply cannot put down!  
I'm thinking about Jurassic Park.  

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