Friday, January 17, 2014

One month later

I swear, he does open his eyes.  


For Christmas, David got the family tickets to the NC Symphony Carnival of the Animals.  

There were many kids activities which included face painting, craft making and trying out the instruments.  

David took the girls up front while the musicians were warming up.  

Homeschool co-op started last week.  We had a pizza party at the end of the day to celebrate the return.  The girls were jumping rope.  Riley did pretty darn good!

More snuggles.  He has a period everyday, right now, where he just wants to be snuggled while he sleeps.  

This is Joshua during my bike workout.  I consider it simply adding 10+ pounds to my workout.  And my movements lull him to sleep.  

The same day Joshua was part of my workout, so was Riley.  She tried for some time to left this 8 pound medicine.  

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